Under fve mortality Ethiopia

Under fve mortality Ethiopia

The 2006-2010 percentage decrease in under 5 mortality in Ethiopia is significant and among the greatest declines found in this brief search. However, there is some evidence that the percentage decrease may be less than the Demographic and Health Surveys (DHS) reports and also some evidence that there was a greater percentage decrease between 2000 and 2005. There have also been greater percentage decreases in other African countries over a similar period. These include Kenya, Tanzania and Egypt.

This helpdesk report looks at how the rate of reduction of under five mortality from the DHS results in Ethiopia compares with the rates in other countries, and what comparisons can be made to the rate of reduction that was made in the UK.

Key messages:

  • demographic and Health Surveys (DHS), conducted at 5-year intervals in an increasing number of countries, are a main source of high quality estimates of under-5 mortality rates in African countries
  • in interpreting under-5 mortality rates and trends in mortality rates from DHS, statistical precision and significance must be taken into account. Across actual surveys conducted between 1986 and 2002, only half of the trends observed in mortality rates at national levels were statistically significant
  • with levels of precision observed in previous African DHS, reductions in all-cause under-5 mortality rates between successive surveys of 15% or more are detectable. This is highly relevant to tracking progress towards international child health targets; the detection of smaller mortality reductions would, however, require increases in sample size, from a current median of 7060 to over 20 000 women
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