Climate-smart agriculture: a call to action

Climate-smart agriculture: a call to action

This ‘beginner's guide’ to climate-smart agriculture has a focus on Africa.

The publication argues that, because of the high vulnerability of rural populations to climate change, Africa stands to benefit from climate-smart agriculture and is leading the way in putting this issue on the global political agenda and focusing on early action ahead of an emerging international consensus.

The guide presents a number of case studies from across the continent and highlights the challenges that the world faces in feeding people in the decades to come, due to climate change, resource constraints, population growth and other pressures. It argues that collectively, we can tap into well-proven production practices, information technology and scientific findings, to rapidly scale up policies and practices that achieve the ‘triple win’ of food security, adaptation and mitigation.

Three next steps are identified:

  • Early action to identify and scale up best practice, to build capacity and experience and to help clarify future choices.
  • Finance to rapidly implement proven programs and support poverty alleviation and food security goals in a changing climate.
  • COP 17 in Durban is identified as a unique opportunity for Africa to shape the global climate agenda and establish an agriculture work programme that is  informed by science and covers adaptation and mitigation.

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