Climate finance and water security: Bangladesh case study

Climate finance and water security: Bangladesh case study

This case study reviews how climate finance has been spent so far in Bangladesh.

It is part of a wider project called ‘Research on climate finance and water security’, which aims to identify the type and scale of national and sub-national programmes and projects that have been funded by climate finance and how they relate to local water security.

The case study report reviews the evidence base on water security and climate change for Bangladesh, and explores the nexus between the two thematic areas. It then goes on to review policy and institutional frameworks for climate finance in Bangladesh, and sets out an analysis of the reported climate finance funds flowing from international donors. The next part of the report sets out an analysis of the identified climate finance flows categorised in terms of their relevance to a hierarchy of water security issues and finally it presents the study’s conclusions and recommendations.

There are two other case studies from this project focused on Ethiopia and Zambia.

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