Disaster risk reduction country profile: Dominica 2014

Disaster risk reduction country profile: Dominica 2014

The development of the Country Risk Profile forms a critical part of the  strategic effort by the Dominican government's Growth and Social Protection Strategy (GSPS) that seeks to reduce environmental vulnerability and improve disaster prevention and management; through a combination of risk reduction, impact mitigation and other measures through effective implementation of the Physical Planning Act and the National Environmental Management Strategy and Action Plan.

The main objectives of the Commonwealth of Dominica's Disaster Risk Reduction Country profile are:

  • To produce an overview of the country's status in relation to disaster risk reduction and management.
  • To engage stakeholders in the development of the country's risk profile. To raise awareness of the importance of disaster risk reduction.
  • To produce a document that would serve as a guide to inform the design of policy, decision making and investment in disaster risk reduction.
  • To identify DRR priorities.

By virtue of Dominica’s geographic circumstance it is highly vulnerable to disasters both natural and anthropogenic. The economic, social and environmental costs are of colossal proportions. The frequency and intensity of these phenomena are constant impediments to the growth and sustainable trajectory targeted in the Growth and Social Protection Strategy, therefore hindering the eradication of poverty.

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