Powering up remote Tuvalu through solar

Powering up remote Tuvalu through solar

This publication, and a companion film, document some of the discussions between the PIGGAREP team and local communities about the many benefits that will come about as a result of powering up remote Tuvalu by solar energy.

On a global scale Tuvalu contributes a negligible quantity of greenhouse gas emissions.

But like other low lying atoll nations, the country stands to be gravely impacted by changing weather patterns and rising sea levels.

Tuvalu is one of many Pacific island countries and territories that are walking the talk and leading by example by switching to environ mentally friendly and sustainable electricity generation.

It is hoped that the example being set in the Pacific island region will prove to oth er areas of the world that it can be done. On completion of the project in early 2015, the three specialised solar power installations will meet 60% of the electricity demands of Nukufetau, Nui and Nukulaelae, saving an estimated 120,000 kilograms of CO 2 emissions annually.

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