Policy recommendations to Abu Dhabi on ICT and e-governance

Policy recommendations to Abu Dhabi on ICT and e-governance

The Korean government has implemented various strategic policies for increasing availability and user take-up of e-Government services since the 1980s. In fact, Korea has become one of the top performers in e-Government and is now being benchmarked by many countries across the world. Korea consecutively ranked first in the UN e-Government Survey in 2010 and 2012.

2012 is the third year to conduct KSP with UAE, based on the written demand survey form as well as the discussion with the UAE government, the third year of KSP with UAE, entitled "Policy Recommendations to Abu Dhabi on ICT and E-governance", was launched in April, 2012, focusing on the following two topics: A Study on User Take-up of  e-Government Services, Online Citizen Participation.

The use of e-Government applications is a critical element that links the provision of services to the impact of e-Government in its value chain. In other words, the takeup
of e-Government services represents a link by which input of e-Government is transformed into outcome. Readiness, availability and impact of e-Government are interlinked only when e-services are taken up after the services become available under the conditions of readiness. Thus, e-Government investment cannot be expected to have output or impact (effect) if the services are not used even although various services are provided with a high degree of sophistication.

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