Conflict briefing notes: conflict briefing No.32, January 2016

Conflict briefing notes: conflict briefing No.32, January 2016

The Nigerian military sustained its attacks on locations and supply networks of the Jamaatu Ahlis-Sunna Liddaawati W al Jihad (JAS). Despite the successful counter-insurgency initiatives, JAS retained its capability to launch both suicide bomb and guerrilla attacks on soft targets, notably Dalori and Gamori villages in Borno and Goniri T own in Y obe where about 100 persons were killed. Ef forts of the Nigerian government to mobilize international support for its counter-insurgency campaigns have yielded pledges of both financial and technical support. The joint patrols by the Multinational Joint Task Force (MNJTF) have also contributed to sustaining pressure on JAS.

The government of Kaduna state has instituted a Judicial Commission of Inquiry to investigate last month's clash between some soldiers of the Nigerian Army and the Islamic Movement in Nigeria (Shiite) in Zaria. However, the objection of the Shiite to the composition of the Commission and the continued detention of Sheikh El-Zakzaky may inhibit progress at the inquiry.

Depreciation of the naira and the fall in oil prices continued to af fect the economy negatively and impact on livelihoods. There are concerns of growing social dissent as ordinary citizens mobilise to resist increases in taxes and prices of utilities which have become the main strategy of government to cope with falling oil revenues

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