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The purpose of this guide is to provide access to relevant, diverse and credible research on the role of gender equality issues in achieving development goals. It aims to inform dialogue, learning and the sharing of good practice around areas such as gender mainstreaming, measuring change, legal and policy frameworks on gender and human rights, and successful initiatives from the field.
Gender and Social Movements
In this month’s update we provide links and summaries to some of the most recent resources on gender and social movements. Two excellent new policy briefs from the Institute of Development Studies BRIDGE team, on donor approaches and on social movement leader approaches to advancing gender justice, are key features of this update. They are the latest resources to be produced from the fantastic BRIDGE Gender and Social Movements Programme.

Latest Documents

Women’s vulnerability to climatic and non-climatic change in the Eastern Gangetic Plains
Previous findings from IWMI’s research conducted in Madhubani, Bihar, India, and in Dhanusha and Morang of the Nepal Terai (Madhesh) were taken to substantiate previous literature on the region by showing how men and women are d...
New evidence on the gender wage gap in Indonesia
K. Taniguchi; A. Tuwo / Asian Development Bank, 2014
Indonesia has been experiencing impressive economic growth and rapid urbanisation in recent years. However, urbanisation could affect income inequality through people’s movement from rural to urban areas. Using the 2010 National...
The power these men have over us: sexual exploitation and abuse by African Union Forces in Somalia
Human Rights Watch, 2014
This research document provides findings on sexual exploitation and abuse in the Somali capital, Mogadishu, predominantly by personnel of the Ugandan People’s Defence Forces (UPDF) at and around the African Union Mission in Soma...
Women’s empowerment and nutrition: what does the evidence tell us?
M van den Bold / Transform Nutrition, 2014
Development programmes aimed at alleviating poverty and improving nutrition often  consider women’s empowerment as an effective way to achieve impact. However, while  nutrition outcomes are often measured, ef...
Violence and sexual abuse in schools in Afghanistan and Pakistan
Health and Education Advice and Resource Team, 2012
This Helpdesk report includes statistics and reports on sexual abuse and violence in schools in Afghanistan and Pakistan. The first section of the report covers UN Security Council Reports including statistics on attacks. The next two...
Will Africa benefit from a demographic dividend?
D. Cleland / Health and Education Advice and Resource Team, 2012
Sub-Saharan Africa lags behind other regions in terms of fertility change and the period of declining dependency ratios lies largely in the future. This paper considers what is needed for Africa to convert favourable demographic chang...
Looking at conditions of persons with disability in Metro Manila
C.M. Reyes; A.D. Tabuga / Philippine Institute for Development Studies, 2009
The need to understand the conditions of persons with disability (PWD) is not only linked with Philippines' aim to reduce poverty and adhere to the goals stated in the 2000 Millennium Declaration but also and, more importantly, with t...
Where are the poor employed? Profiling the working poor
C.M. Reyes; C.D. Mina / Philippine Institute for Development Studies, 2013
Inclusive growth is one of the most popular topics nowadays in economic and development discourses about the Philippines partly because it remains an elusive goal for the country. One of the primary reasons for the non-inclusivity of ...
WELDD Feminist leadership web portal
Shirkat Gah, 2014
This web portal, developed by the Women’s Empowerment and Leadership Development for Democratisation (WELDD) programme, is intended to be a space to share useful resources, as well as a forum for sharing experiences and holding ...
Gender equality and women’s rights at the UN General Assembly post-2015 discussion
J Woodroffe; P Nath; F Rhodes / United Kingdom Gender and Development Network, 2014
This briefing paper, produced by the Gender and Development Network in the UK, aims to reflect on the current (September 2014) debate on gender equality and the post-2015 framework, and comment on the final outcome document of the Ope...
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