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The purpose of this guide is to provide access to relevant, diverse and credible research on the role of gender equality issues in achieving development goals. It aims to inform dialogue, learning and the sharing of good practice around areas such as gender mainstreaming, measuring change, legal and policy frameworks on gender and human rights, and successful initiatives from the field.
Human Rights for Refugee Women and Girls
December 10th marks both Human Rights Day and the end of 16 Days of Activism Against Gender-based Violence Campaign. We look at the intersection of these issues and ask - how do women and girls experience and respond to displacement as a result of conflict? And how do they access their human rights in these extremely challenging contexts? This update provides a collection of resources addressing these issues looking at Syria and other regions around the world.

Latest Documents

Preventing Violence Against Women and Girls: Engaging Men Through Accountable Practice
International Rescue Committee, 2014
EMAP is a one-year primary prevention intervention developed for humanitarian settings, created by the International Rescue Committee for. It provides staff in humanitarian settings with an evidence-based curriculum and field-tested a...
Living Peace Groups Implementation Manual and Final Project Report: GBV Prevention and Social Restoration in the DRC and Burundi - Promundo - EN
World Bank, 2014
This manual provides the resources and tools for organizations and practitioners in post-conflict settings based on work conducted in the Democratic Republic of Congo and Burundi to sustainably engage men in gender-based violence prev...
Program HMD: A Toolkit for Action
Promundo, 2013
The Program HMD toolkit for action presents a shorter version of the approach contained in Promundo’s Programs H and M. This toolkit seeks to make the model accessible by providing learning activities and case studies for discus...
Play the free Breakaway football/soccer Game Online
United Nations Population Fund, 2012
Breakaway is a free online video game co-produced by UNFPA launched during the World Cup in South Africa as part of the UN Secretary-General's UNITE Campaign to reach out to boys aged 8-11 with the aim of changing gender dynamics. The...
SASA! | Raising Voices
Raising Voices, 2008
SASA! is a community mobilisation intervention developed in Uganda to prevent VAW and HIV/AIDS. SASA! is an evidenced-based methodology that takes a gender relational approach by working at multiple social levels with a range of stake...
Regional Curriculum on Transforming Masculinities Towards Gender Justice | Partners4Prevention
U Tumursukh / Partners for Prevention, 2013
This curriculum is a capacity development resource to support members of the Regional Learning Community for East and Southeast Asia and other practitioners to challenge and transform patriarchal masculinities, more effectively promot...
Engaging with Boys and Men to Address GBV and Masculinities: A Training Module (Rozan) | Partners4Prevention
This training guide from Rozan, a Pakistan-based NGO, is designed for use by facilitators and programme planners who seek to engage young men in issues around gender-based violence and masculinities. It is designed as a 15 session ser...
A More Equal Future: A MenCare Manual to Engage Fathers to Prevent Child Marriage in India - Promundo - EN
Promundo, 2013
This manual has the aim of providing a safe and constructive space for men, their partners and daughters to critically reflect on the deeply imbedded cultural and gender norms that devaluate girls and hinder men’s participation ...
Program P: A Manual for Engaging Men in Fatherhood, Caregiving, and Maternal and Child Health - Promundo - EN
Promundo, 2013
Program P is an educational manual that provides concrete strategies for engaging men in active caregiving from the stage of their partner’s pregnancy through their child’s early years. It identifies best practices on enga...
Engaging Boys and Men in GBV Prevention and Reproductive Health in Conflict and Emergency-Response Settings A Workshop Module
This module is intended to build the skills of participants working to engage boys and men in gender-based violence prevention and reproductive health in conflict and other emergency-response settings. One outcome is to be able to ide...
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