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Australia and Climate change

  • Capital: Canberra
  • Population: 21515754
  • Size: 7686850.0 Km2

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The Adaptation Learning Mechanism
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Climate of the Nation 2016: Australian attitudes on climate change
The Climate Institute 2016
Climate of the Nation is Australia’s longest running survey benchmarking community attitudes on climate change. Research shown here, and that of others, has identified mid-2012 as marking the low point in support for clim...
The challenges of climate change: testing climate smart agricultural solutions for improved food security
Australian Centre for International Agricultural Research 2016
Climate change is likely to have far-reaching consequences for agriculture, natural resources and food security, demanding a response that integrates research, development and policy. Because of the disproportionate impact of climate ...
A question of survival: why Australia and New Zealand must heed the Pacific’s calls for stronger action on climate change
Oxfam 2015
International condemnation of Australia and New Zealand's contributions towards tackling global climate change has come amidst strong efforts by Pacific Island leaders and civil society to catalyse international action and cooperation...
A greener dragon? Climate change lessons and opportunities for cooperation between China and Australia
N. Fox / Centre for Defence and Strategic Studies 2016
China’s commitment to climate change mitigation is an important economic issue for Australia. As China is Australia’s largest trading partner, any adjustments China makes to its economy will impact the Australian eco...
Climate of the nation: Australian attitudes on climate change
K. Stefanova / The Climate Institute 2015
Since 2007, The Climate Institute has produced Climate of the Nation research capturing the nation's pulse on attitudes to climate change. This year's results show an increasing awareness and concern about the impacts of climate chang...
The Heat Marches On
W. Steffen; J. Fenwick / Australian Government Department of Climate Change and Energy Efficiency 2016
In Australia, the start of 2016 brought heatwaves and heat spells to most of the continent. Despite the record heat, there has been very little action in Australia following the negotiation of the world’s first universal ...
True or False? Facts and myths about bushfires and climate change
This factsheet considers some common statements about bushfires and climate change caused by carbon and other greenhouse gas pollution drawn from international research.   By 2050, compared with the climate of 1980 ...
Vulnerability assessment of important habitats for migratory species: Examples from Eastern Asia and Northern Australia.
M. Finlayson / International Water Management Institute 2006
The impacts of Climate Change on biodiversity are already visible. Studies show clearly that changes in distribution and behaviour of a large number of species are the consequence of shifts in local or regional climate, weather patter...
Indigenous women's preferences for climate change adaptation and aquaculture development to build capacity in the Northern Territory
L. Petheram; A. Fleming; N. Stacey / National Climate Change Adaptation Research Facility 2013
Research was carried out on South Goulburn Island, Northern Territory, to improve understandings of local, Indigenous people’s dependency on marine resources, and of their perspectives on climate change, and aquaculture as a mea...
Motivators and barriers to incorporating climate change-related health risks in environmental health impact assessment
L. R. Turner; K. Alderman; D. Connell; S. Tong / Multidisciplinary Digital Publishing Institute 2013
This paper presents the findings of a study conducted in Queensland, Australia, which explores various stakeholders’ views on the capacity of the Environmental Health Impact Assessment (EHIA) to incorporate climate change. With ...
Items 1 to 10 of 31

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