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Australia and Agriculture and food

  • Capital: Canberra
  • Population: 21515754
  • Size: 7686850.0 Km2

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The BLDS agriculture collection
The BLDS agriculture collection

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The challenges of climate change: testing climate smart agricultural solutions for improved food security
Australian Centre for International Agricultural Research 2016
Climate change is likely to have far-reaching consequences for agriculture, natural resources and food security, demanding a response that integrates research, development and policy. Because of the disproportionate impact of climate ...
Are rights-based approaches the way forward for conservation? 
J. Campese (ed); T. Greiber (ed); T. Sunderland (ed); G. Oviedo (ed) / Center for International Forestry Research 2009
The links between the realisation of human rights and the conservation of natural resources and biodiversity are receiving increasing attention worldwide. Experience has demonstrated that exclusionary approaches to conservation can un...
Building resilient communities
D. Hegney; H. Ross; P. Baker; et al. / Learning for Sustainability 2008
How can a sense of community contribute to the resilience of individuals and groups? This toolkit is designed to be used by programme coordinators such as community workers, health professionals, and others working with individua...
Agroindustrialisation – an antidote to rural poverty?
Matthias Grossmann; Mark Poston / id21 Development Research Reporting Service 2003
Agroindustralisation – the transition towards more commercialised agriculture systems – has potential to provide the poor with off-farm employment, stimulate economic growth and promote security. However, there is a crucial ...
EU sugar reform plans fail to comply with WTO rules
Oxfam 2005
This brief paper examines the implications of a ruling of the World Trade Organization (WTO) dispute settlement panel, which found that EU sugar subsidies contravene WTO rules. The paper presents findings from the ruling as fol...
Agricultural research systems: lessons learnt from developed countries responding to new challenges
W. Janssen; T. Braunschweig / Consultative Group on International Agricultural Research 2003
This paper looks at the affects on agricultural research systems of the globalisation of markets, economic liberalisation, advances in science and technology, and new thinking about the respective roles of the public and the private s...
Introduction to climate change policy and carbon trading
T.H. Booth / CSIRO Forestry and Forest Products 2003
The purpose of this paper is to provide a brief introduction to greenhouse and climate change, international frameworks, carbon sequestration and carbon trading. It focusses in particular on policy relating to Australia. The pa...
Who can farmers turn to for sound advice?
Chris Garforth; Brian Angell; John Archer; Kate Green / id21 Development Research Reporting Service 2003
Governments that have privatised their extension and advisory services still try to influence decisions that farmers take relating to agriculture, environmental issues, food safety and rural development. Globalisation is intensifying ...
How aid spent on consumption has stalled growth in the Pacific
H. Hughes / Centre for Independent Studies, Australia 2003
This paper argues that far from helping the Pacific to grow, aid has damaged it and Australian policy makers will have to change aid policies accordingly if they are to combine compassion with effective economic policy. Since 1...
Guidelines for developing co-management systems with indigenous/traditional peoples in protected areas
J. Beltr·n / World Commission on Protected Areas 2000
This book is divided into two sections: the first discusses principles and guidelines for indigenous/traditional peoples and protected areas and the second provides case studies. The guidelines are based on the following recogn...
Items 1 to 10 of 12

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