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Australia and Governance

  • Capital: Canberra
  • Population: 21515754
  • Size: 7686850.0 Km2

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The BLDS governance collection
The BLDS governance collection

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Australia, India and Japan trilateral: breaking the mould
V. Ranjan / Observer Research Foundation, New Delhi 2015
After the first trilateral dialogue between Australia, India and Japan in June 2015, another trilateral process immediately got underway. This paper makes an assessment of the prospects of this new formation in the light of history, c...
Australia’s policy priorities in a global era
M. Beeson / South African Institute of International Affairs 2015
Australian policymakers face competing economic and strategic priorities. Increasingly, Australia’s economic future is closely tied to relations with its East Asian neighbours. However, at a regional level it has simultaneously ...
Australia-India roundtable report
Observer Research Foundation, New Delhi 2014
The relationship between Australia and India has reached a new maturity: that was key theme of a major bilateral dialogue convened in early 2014 and reported on in these pages. In fact the 2014 Australia-India Roundtable itself turned...
Implementing the responsibility to protect: new directions for international peace and security?
E.P. Hamann (ed); R. Muggah / Igarape Institute 2013
The international peace and security architecture is undergoing a profound renovation in the twenty first century. The Responsibility to Protect (R2P) doctrine is being re-evaluated from political and operational perspectives, while t...
Improving the assessment of disaster risks to strengthen financial resilience: a special joint G20 publication by the Government of Mexico and the World Bank
World Bank 2012
This publication by the Government of Mexico and the World Bank brings together the experiences of G20 countries in protecting their populations and assets against natural hazards. It includes contributions by G20 members and invited ...
A report outlining how and why ICTs should be utilised in low carbon climate change measures and policies
The Broadband Commission 2012
Governments can accelerate transformation to a low carbon economy by promoting and integrating ICT within climate change policy. This view is presented by the Broadband Commission in this report based on interviews and supporting mate...
Trade unions and labour laws around the world
Baker and McKenzie 2010
This book looks at the current state of works councils and trade unions for 33 countries around the world. Topics include: collective bargaining unfair labour practices trade union employe...
Are countries meeting their commitments to preserve, protect and restore forest biodiversity?
M. Lovera; S. Gauntlett, (ed); A. Laletin, (ed) / Convention on Biological Diversity 2008
This paper assesses what progress different countries have made over recent years on preserving, protecting and restoring forest biological diversity. Specifically, the report presents the findings of research undertaken in 22 countri...
Does aid to the Pacific undermine economic governance reforms?
C. Bowman; S. Chand / World Institute for Development Economics Research (WIDER) 2007
This paper explores the relationship between development assistance, economic governance and the size of developing country economies. The paper proposes that aid flowing to smaller (less populous) countries has a negative impact on t...
How can donor governments contribute to the reform and stability of fragile states?
S. Patrick; K. Brown / International Peace Academy 2007
This study examines efforts to promote policy coherence toward fragile states by seven donor governments: the United Kingdom, the United States, Canada, Australia, France, Germany, and Sweden. It aims to glean insights into the motiva...
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