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Bolivia and Nutrition

  • Capital: Sucre
  • Population: 9947418
  • Size: 1098580.0 Km2

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Nutrition agenda setting, policy formulation and implementation: lessons from the Mainstreaming Nutrition Initiative
D.L Pelletier; E.A Frongillo; S. Gervais / Health Policy and Planning 2012
Undernutrition is the single largest contributor to the global burden of disease and can be addressed through a number of highly efficacious interventions. Undernutrition generally has not received commensurate attention in policy age...
Extending the duration of exclusive breastfeeding in El Alto, Bolivia through a community-based approach and the provision of health services
B. Ohata / Child Health and Nutrition Research Initiative 2009
This document reports on a project to extend the duration of exclusive breastfeeding in a community in Bolivia. In 2003-2005, the NGO COTALMA initiated a project to improve parameters associated with exclusive breastfeeding in the Bol...
Social marketing of micronutrients raises awareness of vitamins
Population Services International 2003
This document reviews the impact of the social marketing of micronutrient supplements in developing countries. It argues that this practice is preventing anemia in women of reproductive age and averting maternal deaths due to lack of ...
Items 1 to 3 of 3

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