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Colombia and Health

  • Capital: Bogotá
  • Population: 47790000
  • Size: 1138910.0 Km2

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Health care facility climate change resiliency workshop
Pan American Health Organization 2015
In addition to their primary roles in treating illness and injuries, health care facilities provide a first line of defence in protecting individuals and communities from the impacts of climate change. However, recent events demonstra...
Latin American and Caribbean Report: LACWHN looks at six Latin America and Caribbean countries: Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Mexico, Nicaragua, Dominican Republic – Cairo +20, 2012
In 1993 the Latin American and Caribbean Women’s Health Network (LACWHN) convened the first meeting on 'Women and Population Policies in Latin America and the Caribbean', attended by 70 women from 18 countries, setting...
Amazon Malaria Initiative (AMI) quarterly bulletin - January 2014
Amazon Malaria Initiative 2014
This issue includes country spotlights on Brazil and Colombia, international partner highlights, events and meetings and global malaria news.
Impacts of megacities on air pollution and climate
T. Zhu / World Meteorological Organization 2012
Over half of the world’s population resides in urban areas and this number is projected to nearly double by 2050. This report provides an initial assessment of available information on air pollution and climate impacts in megacit...
Guidance on implementing reform of abortion laws: case studies from six countries
S. Singh; G. Sedgh; A. Bankole / Alan Guttmacher Institute 2012
This report examines the processes that followed passage of abortion law reforms in Cambodia, Colombia, Ethiopia, Mexico City, Nepal and South Africa. The paper finds that the experiences of the six settings highlight some...
Multisectorality in nutrition is possible even under limited and trying conditions
J. Garrett (ed); M. Natalicchio (ed); L. Bassett / International Food Policy Research Institute 2011
A multi-sectoral approach is arguably the most effective way to reduce malnutrition, but there is little evidence about how to implement it. This volume is an initial venture into the in-depth research necessary to develop that eviden...
Estimated investment needed to address climate change in Colombia
Capacity Development for Policy Makers to Address Climate Change Project 2011
Climate change induced by anthropogenic activities is a barely doubted reality, and the agriculture sector, which is highly dependent on climate conditions, is a critical sector within the changing face of the earth-atmosphere system....
Resultados del Proyecto INAP. Donación TF056350 Informe Final Julio 2011
Conservación Internacional Colombia 2011
In response of imminent climate change, Colombia structured and developed the pilot project National Climate Change Adaptation (INAP) in order to support the country in the definition and implementation of pilot adaptation measures an...
Amenazas, riesgos, vulnerabilidad y adaptacion frente al cambio climático
Ministry of the Environment and Sustainable Development, Colombia 2008
This third publication aims to make the link into communications disciplines traditionally associated with climate change and risk management. It Defines the concepts of risk, threat, vulnerability and adaptation, emphasizing its rela...
Refugees are not receiving adequate reproductive health care
Judy Austin; Samantha Guy; Louise L. Jones / id21 Development Research Reporting Service 2008
Many people who flee their homes during periods of crisis do not have refugee status because they have not crossed an international border. These people, especially women and girls, often do not receive the reproductive health care th...
Items 1 to 10 of 21

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