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Mongolia and Climate change

  • Capital: Ulan Bator
  • Population: 3086918
  • Size: 1565000.0 Km2

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The Adaptation Learning Mechanism
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Mongolia: enhancing policies and practices for Ger area development in Ulaanbaatar
World Bank Publications 2010
The sustainable development of ger areas in Ulaanbaatar (UB), the capital city of Mongolia, is one of the critical development issues facing the country. The transition to a market economy and a series of severe winters (calle...
Green Development Strategic Action Plan for Ulaanbaatar 2020
Asia Foundation 2015
Ulaanbaatar is the capital and political, business and cultural center of Mongolia. The city has rapidly grown in size over the last decades as a result of rural to urban migration, attracting people seeking education, employm...
Traditional livelihoods and mining in Mongolia's changing climate: exploring the potential of cross-sectoral partnerships in achieving sustainability
Asia-Pacific Network for Global Change Research 2016
The growing scale of resource development activities accentuates the complexity underlying the sustainability of traditional livelihoods in Mongolia. At the same time, Mongolia experiences growing vulnerability to climatic variability...
Nationally appropriate mitigation actions for grassland and livestock management in Mongolia
D. Dagvadorj; A. Wilkes; T. Tennigkeit / Asian Development Bank 2013
This policy brief by the Asian Development Bank argues that, given the negative impact of climate change on Mongolia, it is crucial to select mitigation actions that reduce vulnerability to climate change, support the achievement...
Index-based mortality livestock insurance in Mongolia
K. DeAngelis / Climate and Development Knowledge Network 2013
This ‘Inside story on climate compatible development’ by the Climate and Development Knowledge Network (CDKN) explains how the Government of Mongolia’s Index-Based Livestock Insurance (IBLI) project is helping Mongolian...
Changing Taiga: Challenges for Mongolia’s Reindeer Herders
K. I. Johnsen / GRID Arendal 2012
Mongolia’s reindeer herders and their taiga homeland are today facing unprecedented challenges from unregulated mining, forest logging, loss of access to natural resources, tourism, and climate change. The Dukha herders and their...
Children’s vulnerability to climate change and disaster impacts in East Asia and the Pacific
J. Lawler / United Nations Children's Fund 2011
In 2011, UNICEF commissioned field research in Indonesia, Kiribati, Mongolia, Philippines and Vanuatu to determine if there were noticeable patterns and trends of climate change and disaster impacts on children. This regional report s...
Peatlands – guidance for climate change mitigation by conservation, rehabilitation and sustainable use
H. Joosten / Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations 2012
This report by the Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations (FAO) is aimed as a handbook for policy makers, technical audiences and others interested in peatlands. The publication informs on management and finance optio...
A better climate for disaster risk management
M. E. Hellmuth / International Research Institute for Climate and Society 2012
This document highlights recent advances in the use of climate information to manage risks and improve livelihoods, such as new partnerships and user-designed information platforms. It draws together and analyzes experiences from 17 c...
Experiences, lessons learnt and best practices of REDD+ readiness in 12 Asia-Pacific countries
United Nations Development Programme 2012
The UN-REDD Programme is the United Nations collaborative initiative on Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and forest Degradation (REDD+) in developing countries. This booklet delves into the experiences, challenges and best practi...
Items 1 to 10 of 12

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