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Mongolia and Agriculture and food

  • Capital: Ulan Bator
  • Population: 3086918
  • Size: 1565000.0 Km2

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The BLDS agriculture collection
The BLDS agriculture collection

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Traditional livelihoods and mining in Mongolia's changing climate: exploring the potential of cross-sectoral partnerships in achieving sustainability
Asia-Pacific Network for Global Change Research 2016
The growing scale of resource development activities accentuates the complexity underlying the sustainability of traditional livelihoods in Mongolia. At the same time, Mongolia experiences growing vulnerability to climatic variability...
Nationally appropriate mitigation actions for grassland and livestock management in Mongolia
D. Dagvadorj; A. Wilkes; T. Tennigkeit / Asian Development Bank 2013
This policy brief by the Asian Development Bank argues that, given the negative impact of climate change on Mongolia, it is crucial to select mitigation actions that reduce vulnerability to climate change, support the achievement...
Journal debating pastoralism issues
C. Kerven (ed); R. Behnke (ed) / Odessa Centre 2010
Open access journal aimed at providing a central forum where those concerned with pastoralism can confront each other’s ideas, data and analysis, and discuss the implications of their work. Pastoralism will encourage debate by c...
Is the livestock breeding industry damaging smallholders and the environment?
S. Gura / GRAIN 2008
This paper explores developments in the global livestock industry and their impact on smallholder farmers and the environment in developing countries. In particular, it considers the effect of free trade agreements, government po...
Coping with climate variability and change
R. Vernooy / International Development Research Centre 2007
Communities have coped for millennia through extremes of flood and drought by cooperatively managing shared natural resources, and by cultivating a variety of robust, indigenous crop types that can survive a range of conditions. Knowl...
Report of a workshop addressing biosafety in Central Asia and Mongolia
Institute of Advanced Studies. United Nations University, 2003
This report is based on the proceedings and findings of a workshop “In Search of Biosecurity: Capacity Development on Access to Genetic Resources, Benefit–Sharing, and Biosafety in Central Asia and Mongolia”, held by UN...
Livestock insurance schemes in Mongolia
Ayurzana Enkh-Amgalan; J.R. Skees / Policy Research Working Papers, World Bank 2002
Herders in Mongolia have suffered tremendous losses in recent dzud (winter disasters), with livestock mortality rates of over 50 percent in some locales. This study examines the feasibility of offering insurance to compensate for anim...
What role does pastoral micro-finance have to play in risk management strategies?: the Mongolian case
Sustainable Development Department, FAO SD Dimensions 2001
This study forms a preliminary study into the potential role of pastoral micro-finance within a pastoral risk management strategy in a Mongolian context. This is intended to assist the Mongolian government in developing a co-ordinated...
Challenging the idea that sustainable pastoralism in Inner Asian can be achieved without retaining mobility
C. Humphrey; D. Sneath / Pastoral Development Network, ODI 1996
Paper outlines some of the findings which have emerged from the Environmental and Cultural Conservation in Inner Asia (ECCIA) project. Findings: Mongolia and Tuva are regions where good environmental conditions have been...
Fierce resistance to land privatisation in Mongolia
D. Sneath / Department of Social Anthropology, University of Cambridge 2000
This article explores the history of notions of land ownership among Mongolian pastoralists in a historical context. In the 1990s the Mongolian state implemented a series of reforms designed to create a competitive market econo...
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