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Nicaragua and Health

  • Capital: Managua
  • Population: 5995928
  • Size: 129494.0 Km2

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Assessing long-term impacts of conditional cash transfers on children and young adults in rural Nicaragua
International Initiative for Impact Evaluation 2014
Conditional cash transfer (CCT) programmes, which offer families cash grants conditional on attendance at school or preventive health visits, have expanded rapidly over the past decade. Although there is substantial evidence of their ...
Latin American and Caribbean Report: LACWHN looks at six Latin America and Caribbean countries: Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Mexico, Nicaragua, Dominican Republic – Cairo +20, 2012
In 1993 the Latin American and Caribbean Women’s Health Network (LACWHN) convened the first meeting on 'Women and Population Policies in Latin America and the Caribbean', attended by 70 women from 18 countries, setting...
Amazon Malaria Initiative (AMI) quarterly bulletin - April 2014
Amazon Malaria Initiative 2014
Thi issue inlcudes: international partner highlights; country spotlight on Ecuador, Guyana, Nicaragua, Honduras, Peru and Suriname; global malaria news, events and meetings.
Climate risk management for the health sector in Nicaragua
M. Keller / United Nations Development Programme 2013
Commissioned by the United Nations Development Programme’s Bureau for Crisis Prevention and Recovery (UNDP BCPR), under the Climate Risk Management Technical Assistance Support Project (CRM TASP), this report addresses climate r...
A policy guide to ending girl child marriage
International Center for Research on Women, USA 2007
Girls who marry as children (younger than 18 years of age) are often more susceptible to the health risks associated with early sexual initiation and childbearing, including HIV and obstetric fistula. Lacking status and power, these g...
Vulnerability to HIV infection has not been sufficiently addressed, particularly for marginalised populations
Open Society Institute and Soros Foundations Network 2007
This report from the Open Society Institute examines groups that are excluded or marginalised from the design, implementation, and evaluation of national HIV/AIDS policies and programmes due to stigma. These groups such as injecting d...
Assessing the quality of sexual and reproductive health care in Nicaragua
L.E. Meuwissen; A.C. Gorter; A.D. Kester; J.A. Knottnerus / BMC Public Health 2006
This study, published in BMC Public Health, evaluates the impact and sustainability of a competitive voucher programme on the quality of sexual and reproductive health (SRH) care for poor and underserved female adolescents. Vouchers w...
What is needed to break the link between HIV/AIDS and violence?
L. Schechtman / Global AIDS Alliance 2006
This document describes a framework for a comprehensive response to violence against women and children, including the resources that would be needed, political and financial, for full implementation. It discusses the various arenas a...
Improving hygiene as part of community child health programmes in Peru and Nicaragua
M. Favin / Environmental Health Project 2004
This report, published by the USAID’s Environmental Health Project, examines projects in Peru and Nicaragua which gave counselling to families on better hygiene, as part of a child health strategy called Community Integrated Mana...
Using pharmacies to provide reproductive health for young people
C. Parker / YouthNet, Family Health International 2005
This briefing, produced by Family Health International, examines the role of pharmacies in providing reproductive health information and services to youth, especially contraceptives and referrals to services for sexually transmitted i...
Items 1 to 10 of 16

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