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Trinidad and Tobago and Climate change

Trinidad and Tobago
  • Capital: Port of Spain
  • Population: 1328019
  • Size: 5128.0 Km2

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The Adaptation Learning Mechanism
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Trinidad & Tobago: assessing the impact of climate change on cocoa and tomato
International Center for Tropical Agriculture 2015
Climate change is expected to result in a warmer, drier climate in the Caribbean region. The altered climate is expected to have wide-reaching impacts on agriculture. This policy brief describes work carried out by the Interna...
Integrating watershed and coastal areas management in the Caribbean small island developing states
Global Environment Facility Environmental Information Infrastructure (EII) for Latin America and the Caribbean 2007
The capacity needs assessment examined the functions, procedures, products, data, tools and human resources available in each agency and uses this information to determine GIS and Information and Communications Technology (ICT) requir...
Making a participatory video: documenting the challenges of the Blanchisseuse fishing industry
Caribbean Natural Resources Institute 2011
This brief outlines the practical steps taken in prepration and hosting the participatory video at a community workshop to addressa range of issues related to sustainable livelihoods. It outlines how they identified challenges,...
Strengthening institutional arrangements in Trinidad and Tobago to facilitate climate change adaptation policy formulation and execution
M. Andrews / Caribbean Natural Resources Institute 2014
Though efforts and climate change adaptation in Trinidad and Tobago have been made, this briefing suggests that their effectiveness is hindered by inadequate policies, weak institutional arrangements and limited coordination across se...
An assessment of the economic and social impacts of climate change on the energy sector in the Caribbean
R. Martin / CEPAL - ECLAC Database 2013
The 2013 report assesses the economic and social impacts of climate change on the energy sector in Antigua and Barbuda, the Bahamas, Barbados, Belize, Cuba, Dominica, the Dominican Republic, Haiti, Grenada, Guyana, Jamaica, Saint Kitt...
Perspectives from civil society on the millennium development goals and post-2015 agenda: focus on small states and vulnerability
L. Murray / Caribbean Community Climate Change Centre 2013
The interconnectedness of the Millennium Development Goals mean that lack of progress in one area can undermine gains in another. In 2012 the Commonwealth Foundation, in partnership with the United Nations Millennium Campaign, ...
Re-framing island nations as champions of resilience in the face of climate change and disaster risk.
R.M De Souza; S. Henly-Shepard; K. McNamara; N. Fernando / United Nations University Institute for Environment and Human Security 2015
This paper is part of a set of working papers that resulted from the Resilience Academy 2013-2014. The United Nations University Institute of Environment and Human Security (UNU-EHS) publishes these papers as part of its UNU-EHS Worki...
Second National Communication of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago: Under the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change
Government of the Republic of Trinidad and Tabago 2013
This Second National Communication of The Republic of Trinidad and Tobago focuses on the compilation and analysis of the National Inventory of greenhouse gases (GHGs), vulnerability and adaptation studies, mitigation options as well a...
Trinidad & Tobago Initial National Communication
Government of the Republic of Trinidad and Tabago 2001
This initial national communication of Trinidad and Tobago to the UNFCCC secretariat includes: national circumstances, national greenhouse gas inventory, statements on vulnerability and adaptation strategies, technology needs, and cap...
Working Group Report Climate Change Impacts on Coastal and Marine Biodiversity in the Insular Caribbean - Report of Working Group II, Climate Change and Biodiversity in the Insular Caribbean
G. Cambers; R. Claro; R. Juman; S. Scott / Caribbean Natural Resources Institute 2008
This report is based on a desk study of published and unpublished literature relating to climate change and its impact on coastal and marine biodiversity in the insular Caribbean. The authors identify several constraints a...
Items 1 to 10 of 24

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