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Trinidad and Tobago and HIV and AIDS

Trinidad and Tobago
  • Capital: Port of Spain
  • Population: 1328019
  • Size: 5128.0 Km2

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Latest from Eldis HIV/AIDS

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Review of education programmes in the Safe Passages to Adulthood programme
I. Warwick; P. Aggleton / Centre for Sexual Health Research, Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Southampton 2002
This document outlines discussions from the Expert meeting for the Safe Passages to Adulthood programme, where researchers, practitioners and policy makers explored the potential of education to protect against HIV/AIDS, as well as th...
The current state of the HIV/AIDS epidemic in the Caribbean
Development Experience Clearinghouse, USAID 2003
This report assesses the current HIV/AIDS situation in the Caribbean, using 2001/2 data. It assesses the regional response and examines USAID support. It also examines the role of the Pan Caribbean Partnership Against HIV/AIDS, the Ca...
Why has the US ignored HIV/AIDS in the Caribbean?
L. Yorke / Joint Center for Political and Economic Studies, Washington 2002
This is a short article discussing the prevalence of and reaction to the HIV/AIDS epidemic in the Caribbean, which it states is now the second hardest hit region in the world. The author provides details of numbers of cases of HIV/AID...
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HIV and AIDS profiles on Trinidad and Tobago

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