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Ebola – The Long Road to Recovery…
As Sierra Leone’s Ministry of Health prepares to implement its new post-Ebola strategy, VSO and the Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine, release new research examining the impact of...
16 Oct 2015
Towards change through imagery: women use Photovoice to improve health in the Indian Sundarbans
Photovoice is a visual action research technique through which communities can share their problems, barriers and challenges with policy makers using photographs and narrative. In the Indian...
08 Oct 2015
Who decides where women give birth and on what grounds?
The traditional medical view of risks associated with giving birth sometimes clashes with what women themselves perceive. In the Netherlands, some women go against medical advice in choosing...
22 Sep 2015
Improving the lives of HIV positive offenders in Southern Africa
Kaday Mansaray Sibanda shared VSO's experience with improving the lives of HIV positive offenders both inside prison and on their release.Prison conditions in the Southern Africa region are...
08 Oct 2015
Global health meets genomics: inequalities and politics
Scientific advances in the understanding of genetics and genomics have the potential to generate major improvements for human health in the near future. However, from a global health perspective,...
08 Oct 2015
Keeping the tuberculosis fight alive after the World TB Day spotlight fades
Dr. Grania Bridgen, TB Advisor for Médecins Sans Frontières, writes for Eldis on the rise of drug-resistant forms of tuberculosis, and the call to action to adequately fund the...
18 Aug 2015

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