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  • Capital: Dhaka
  • Population: 156118464
  • Size: 144000.0 Km2

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Building readiness of the private sector in Bangladesh for GCF accreditation
J. Steeve / International Centre for Climate Change and Development 2016
The private sector in Bangladesh is beginning to recognise that climate change presents a number of significant opportunities. Although several challenges stand in the way of businesses scaling up their climate-related initiatives and...
Sanitation in Bangladesh: revolution, evolution, and new challenges
S. Hanchett / Community Led Total Sanitation / CLTS Knowledge Hub 2016
Bangladesh is a hub of sanitation experimentation and model-building. It is internationally recognised as the place where Community-Led Total Sanitation (CLTS) first succeeded in eliminating open defecation (OD) from whole villages. T...
E - Commerce in Bangladesh
A.S. Ishtiaque; A. Sarwar / University of Liberal Arts, Bangladesh 2016
Electronic commerce or e-commerce, as it is more popularly referred to, is defined as any form of trade or exchange of goods, services and information using electronic means. Globally, the application of e-commerce has been rapidly ga...
How do social protection and labour programmes contribute to social inclusion? Evidence from Afghanistan, Bangladesh, India and Nepal
B. Babajanian; J. Hagen-Zanker; R. Holmes / Overseas Development Institute 2014
Today, the positive effects of social protection and labour programmes on core dimensions of well- being such as food consumption and access to health and education are well-recognised. However, less is known about the ability of thes...
ICT impact on socio-economic conditions of rural Bangladesh
A Rahman 2013
Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) in a relatively short period of time of our planet’s history have had a major transformative impact across all strata of society. In the study, four different villages (520 respo...
Evidence and gaps in evidence on the principle political economy constraints and opportunities to successful investment in inclusive agribusiness in Asia
J.G. Kydd / Evidence on Demand 2016
This report pays particular reference to Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Kyrgyz Republic, Myanmar, Nepal, Pakistan and Tajikistan. The purpose is to inform a more detailed call down piece of work for DFID to scope the potential establishment...
Enhancing the gender-equitable potential of aquaculture technologies
P. Kantor; M. Morgan 2015
Gender inequality constrains the real and potential capacity of women farmers to successfully adapt their farming practices in the face of climate risks or to develop stronger, more diversified livelihood portfolios that would enhance...
Sustainable cities: local solutions in the global south
M. Robertson (ed) / International Development Research Centre 2012
As the combined problems of urbanization, environmental degradation, and poverty become increasingly urgent, understanding the links between sustainability and poverty reduction is imperative. A sustainable urban future for all requir...
Development of airport and improvement of external debt management skills of Bangladesh
Korea Development Institute 2014
The Bangladesh government plans to implement a 10-year development plan to vitalize its tourism industry. To this end, a project for establishment of infrastructure is desperately required. In particular, the importance of air traffic...
Women's empowerment revisited : from individual to collective power among the export sector workers of Bangladesh
N. Hossain 2012
Bangladesh has become known as something of a success in advancing gender equality since the 1990s. There have been rapid gains in a number of social and economic domains, yet by most objective standards the current condition and stat...
Items 1 to 10 of 1484

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