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  • Capital: Sucre
  • Population: 9947418
  • Size: 1098580.0 Km2

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The BLDS print collection

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Lessons learnt from Forest NRM projects in Latin America and the Caribbean
J. P. Pool; T. M. Catterson; V. A. Molinos; A. C. Randall / Development Experience Clearinghouse, USAID 2002
This assessment documents the insights of a range of stakeholders on achieving tangible results in NFM.. In the main text, authors’ findings and recommendations are presented under four categories: policy and institutional develo...
Forest management and conservation in Bolivia
Development Experience Clearinghouse, USAID 2002
This report contributes to the USAID 5 year strategic plan for Bolivia and examines the interaction between forest management, conservation and rural livelihoods in Bolivia’s tropical forest regions. The four main areas of...
World Vision's experience with PRSPs
A. Waites / World Vision 2002
World Vision's experience of working with PRSPs at the local level is shared in four cases studies covering Senegal; Cambodia; Ethiopia; and Bolivia, Honduras and Nicaragua.
Country experience with implementing results oriented budgeting
J. Roberts / Overseas Development Institute 2003
Review and case studies of "Results-oriented (or ‘performance’ or ‘output’) budgeting": the planning of public expenditures for the purpose of achieving explicit and defined results. These policies have often been ...
Examples of CSR partnerships in the Americas
Inter-American Foundation 2002
This is a collection of examples of IAF partnerships with the private sector that is intended to provide examples to companies of ways in which CSR can be in their interest. The introduction to the collection argues that for the priva...
Strategies for improving human resource management for health sector reform in the Pan-American region
Pan American Health Organization 2001
The quality of health services depends on the performance of health service workers, but little attention has been paid to improving how human resources are managed in the health sector. A document by the Pan American Health Organizat...
Homing in on gender and access to tenure
Evelyn Mari / id21 Development Research Reporting Service 2003
Many women still face discrimination in accessing land, shelter and property rights despite policy and legal reforms. Tenure systems and contexts vary greatly in the different opportunities and barriers they offer to women. Changes cl...
Guidelines for developing co-management systems with indigenous/traditional peoples in protected areas
J. Beltr·n / World Commission on Protected Areas 2000
This book is divided into two sections: the first discusses principles and guidelines for indigenous/traditional peoples and protected areas and the second provides case studies. The guidelines are based on the following recogn...
Latin American and Asian experiences of the reform of health care provider payment systems
R. Bitran; W. C. Yip / Partners for Health Reformplus 1998
How healthcare providers are paid for their services impacts on the type, quantity and quality of the services they provide. Different payment methods set up different incentives for consumers and producers of health services, some wi...
Bolivia’s PROSALUD approach to health sector improvement
C. J. Cuellar; W. Newbrander; B. K. Timmons / Management Sciences for Health 2000
The PROSALUD model of health services arose out of the situation in Bolivia in the mid-1980s, when the political and economic crisis caused a nearly total collapse of the public health sector. These conditions prompted reform of the h...
Items 251 to 260 of 285

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