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  • Capital: Yaoundé
  • Population: 19294149
  • Size: 475440.0 Km2

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The BLDS print collection

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Climate resilient development: experience from an African capacity development programme
The African Ministers' Council on Water 2016
This learning brief presents insights and lessons learned from a capacity development programme on water security and climate resilient development covering eight countries in Africa – Burkina Faso, Burundi, Cameroon, Ghana, Moza...
Violent extremism in Africa: public opinion from the Sahel, Lake Chad, and the Horn
Afrobarometer 2016
Over the past two decades, the threat posed by violent extremist groups that espouse fundamentalist religious narratives has grown substantially across Africa (Hallowanger, 2014). The colonial era and the undemocratic rule tha...
Women’s Rights Online: Translating Access into Empowerment
This research, based on a survey of poor urban men and women across nine developing countries, found that while the majority of men and women own a mobile phone, women are still nearly 50% less likely to access the Internet than ...
Impact of water supply and sanitation on diarrhoea prevalence among children under the age of five: evidence from Cameroon
D Y Yantio / International Initiative for Impact Evaluation 2015
Providing access to improved sources of drinking water and to sanitation facilities are the two main types of interventions to stop the contamination from the environment to the human body, contributing to reduce the prevalence of dia...
The effects of exchange rate policy on Cameroon’s agricultural competitiveness
A.A. Amin / African Economic Research Consortium 1996
This paper analyses the effects of trade and exchange rate policies on Cameroon's agriculture, providing theoretical models and formulas for empirical analysis. The calculated relative prices and indexes estimates of the degree of ove...
Comparative assessment of forest revenue redistribution mechanisms in Cameroon
S. Assembe-Mvondo; G. Wong; L. Loft; J.S. Tjajadi / Center for International Forestry Research, Indonesia [ES] 2015
This paper draws on a legal review and field data to assess the distribution of forest and wildlife revenues from economic operations in logging and wildlife extraction to forest communities in Cameroon. It has an emphasis on the soci...
Co-operation in the South Atlantic Zone: amplifying the African agenda
A. Lalbahadur; N. Grobbelaar; R.D. Plessisaf / South African Institute of International Affairs 2015
South Africa’s foreign policy prioritises peaceful and sustainable growth in Africa by maximising its external engagements in increasingly strategic ways. This paper calls for South Africa to consider broadening its engagement w...
Annotated bibliography on developmental states, political settlements and citizenship formation: towards increased state capacity and legitimacy?
L. Routley / Effective States and Inclusive Development Research Centre 2012
Policymakers and academics agree that an effective state is the foundation for inclusive development, whilst also recognising the critical role of non-state actors in the delivery of goods and services to poor people. This compilation...
China in Africa: impacts and prospects for accountable development
G. Mohan / Effective States and Inclusive Development Research Centre 2012
China is the major “new” player in Africa and impacts on development and politics in numerous ways. This paper shows that China impacts on African development in multiple ways that go well beyond aid. The paper sets out an...
Cyclicality of fiscal behavior in developing oil-producing countries: an empirical review
N. Erbil / Economic Research Forum, Egypt 2011
Oil price volatility has increased in recent years, where these large, unpredictable swings have a major impact on fiscal balances in developing oil-producing economies. This paper examines the cyclicality of fiscal behaviour in 28 de...
Items 1 to 10 of 197

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