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Cape Verde

Cape Verde
  • Capital: Praia
  • Population: 508659
  • Size: 4033.0 Km2

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Renewable islands: settings for success
International Renewable Energy Agency 2014
The case studies in this short report are intended to show that a wide variety of islands in different locations and at different levels of development can all attract investment in cost-effective-renewable energy resources through a ...
Co-operation in the South Atlantic Zone: amplifying the African agenda
A. Lalbahadur; N. Grobbelaar; R.D. Plessisaf / South African Institute of International Affairs 2015
South Africa’s foreign policy prioritises peaceful and sustainable growth in Africa by maximising its external engagements in increasingly strategic ways. This paper calls for South Africa to consider broadening its engagement w...
Integrated paradigm for sustainable development: a panel data study
H. Abou-Ali; Y.M. Abdelfattah / Economic Research Forum, Egypt 2011
In the developing world, there is a clear trade-off between economic growth and environmental security. This paper states that the concept of sustainable development requires countries all over the world to use their natural resources...
Prevalence of Anaemia and Associated Factors among Children below Five Years of Age in Cape Verde, West Africa
R.M.L. Semedo; M.M.A.S. Santos; M.R. Baiao / Journal of Health, Population and Nutrition 2014
This article presents the findings of a study which estimated the prevalence of anaemia and associated factors in a probability sample of 993 children aged 6-59 months in Cape Verde, West Africa.  
Too poor to care?: the salience of aids in Africa
M.K. Justesen / Afrobarometer 2011
Sub-Saharan Africa is the part of the world that is most severely affected by HIV/AIDS, yet surveys of attitudes to AIDS across African countries show that most people do not attach great importance to the issue. The current paper arg...
Trends in popular attitudes to multiparty democracy in Africa, 2000-2012
M. Bratton / Afrobarometer 2012
Based on Afrobarometer data, the current paper addresses these questions: do Africans want democracy, do they think they are getting it, and what trends over time are evident in popular demand for, and the perceived supply of, democra...
Who says elections in Ghana are ‘free and fair’?
S. Parku / Afrobarometer 2014
Since 2000, elections in Ghana have been lauded by observers as being “free and fair”; however, the losing political party has consistently contested the election results. This paper uses Afrobarometer survey data to exami...
After a decade of growth in Africa, little change in poverty at the grassroots
B. Dulani; R. Mattes; C. Logan / Afrobarometer 2013
Afrobarometer data on lived poverty in Africa provide an important basis for testing assumptions about the effects of the continent’s recent economic growth on poverty reduction. The current paper indicates that Afrobarometer da...
Africa rising?: popular dissatisfaction with economic management despite a decade of growth
J. Hofmeyr / Afrobarometer 2013
Many African individuals still experience regular shortages of basic necessities, and rates of “lived poverty” remain high. In this context, the current paper shows that across 34 countries, a majority (53%) rate the curre...
The partnership of free speech & good governance in Africa
W. Mitullah; P. Kamau / Afrobarometer 2013
Much of Africa has undergone a radical transformation in terms of the freedom to communicate in the last two decades, but despite the opening and expansion of media and technology, freedom of expression is still enjoyed unequally acro...
Items 1 to 10 of 34

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