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  • Capital: Bogotá
  • Population: 47790000
  • Size: 1138910.0 Km2

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IMF study admits that country-based evidence now suggests that controlling both the inflows and outflows of capital has, to varying degrees, helped countries to protect themselves from the effects of the Asian financial crisis.
A. Ariyoshi; K. Habermeier; B. Laurens; I. Otker-Robe; J.I. Canales-Kriljenko; A. Kirilenko / International Monetary Fund 2000
Aims to develop a deeper understanding of the role that capital controls may play in coping with volatile movements of capital, as well as complex issues surrounding capital account liberalization. It provides a detailed analysis of s...
Have tax levies on bank withdrawals in six Latin American countries been successful?
I. Coelho; L. Ebrill; V. Summers / International Monetary Fund 2001
This paper investigates whether the decision by six Latin American countries, to levy taxes on withdrawals from bank accounts has been successful. The levying of taxes in this manner has been viewed as a convenient tax handle during a...
Helping research institutions address IPR concerns
S. Salazar; C. Falconi; J. Komen; J. I. Cohen / International Service for National Agricultural Research 2000
The main purpose of this Briefing Paper is to provide an assessment of the use of proprietary biotechnology inputs in the agricultural research systems of selected Latin American countries: Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, and Mex...
Crop biotechnology and sustainability : a case study of Colombia
Luis R. Sanint / OECD Development Centre 1995
This study of Colombia describes activity in the agriculture sector against the background of major changes in macro-economic and sectoral policies. It then outlines the institutional arrangements for agricultural research in general,...
Strengthening the institutions that ensure good governance in Latin America
L. Llambi / Sustainable Development Department, FAO SD Dimensions 2001
Paper asserts that strengthening the institutional capacities of local governments is important for: 1) economic reasons (e.g. productive and allocative efficiency), 2) equity reasons (territorial and social equity); and 3) political ...
Savings Mobilization Strategies: Lessons From Four Experiences
Consultative Group to Assist the Poorest 1998
Around the world, poor households save in various forms and for various purposes. Although empirical evidence suggests that the poor would deposit if appropriate financial institutions and savings facilities were available, little pro...
Items 351 to 356 of 356

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