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  • Capital: Moroni
  • Population: 773407
  • Size: 2170.0 Km2

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Cost assessment of environmental degradation in the Middle East and North Africa region – selected issues
B. Larsen / Economic Research Forum, Egypt 2011
This paper estimates the cost of inadequate potable water, sanitation and hygiene, outdoor air pollution, and cropland degradation in 16 countries of the Arab League. The paper pointes that the 16 countries under study represent great...
The elusive quest for Arab economic development
A. Galal; H. Selim / Economic Research Forum, Egypt 2012
Today, Arab countries are not considered developed by international standards. This paper reviews the development experience of the Arab countries since World War II, arguing that the lack of inclusive economic and political instituti...
The chair of the African Union: what prospect for institutionalisation?
D. Lecoutre / Institute for Security Studies 2010
The chair of the Pan-African organisation (PAO) is one position that can be scrutinised and defined with difficulty. Its real political and institutional significance can only be appraised through a historical analysis because it is a...
The role and place of the African Standby Force within the African Peace and Security Architecture
S.A. Dersso / Institute for Security Studies 2010
This paper highlights the importance of the African Standby Force (ASF) within the African Peace and Security Architecture (APSA) and examines the challenges facing it as one of the most important mechanisms for the African Union&rsqu...
Landscape Analysis: Assessing Countries' Readiness to Scale up Nutrition Actions in the WHO African Region
This paper assessed strengths and weaknesses in combating malnutrition in nine Sub-Saharan Africa nations with high stunting burden (Burkina-Faso, Comoros, Coted’Ivoire, Ethiopia, Ghana, Madagascar, Mali, Mozambique and South Afr...
Promoting cleaner and efficient use of energy by enhancing the use of renewable energy for industrial applications
United Nations [UN] Industrial Development Organization 2010
Renewable energy has become a viable option for enhancing access to energy at most places through on/off grid electrification, both in urban and rural areas, and promoting productive uses and industrial applications in energy intensiv...
Exploring the potential for low-carbon energy projects for development in Sub-Saharan Africa
C. Gouvello (ed); F. Dayo (ed); M. Thioye (ed) / World Bank 2008
Sub-Saharan Africa has an opportunity of choosing a cleaner development pathway via low-carbon energy alternatives that can reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. African countries stand to benefit from financial instruments like the ...
Ensuring human security can lead to better opportunities for human development in the Arab world
M. El-Sayyid; M. Al-Rasheed; S. Benjelloun; et al / Human Development Report Office, UNDP 2009
This report examines human development in the Arab world through a human security lens, calling on policymakers and other stakeholders to move away from a state-centric conception of security to one which also concentrates on the secu...
Harmonising child rights laws in Eastern and Southern Africa
African Child Policy Forum 2007
This report reviews and analyses how far 19 Eastern and Southern African countries have gone in harmonising and implementing the principles of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC) and the African Charter on the Righ...
How can fisheries access agreements promote sustainable livelihoods?
J. Mbendo; A. Ngusaru / WWF-World Wide Fund For Nature 2005
The document reports on a fisheries access agreements workshop that was conducted in June 2005 in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. This workshop was the fourth in a series designed to promote sustainable access agreements and regional collabo...
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