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Costa Rica

Costa Rica
  • Capital: San José
  • Population: 4516220
  • Size: 51100.0 Km2

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Gender, livestock and reducing greenhouse gas emissions in Costa Rica
C.R. Farnworth / Climate Change Agriculture Food Security 2016
Costa Rica is developing a Nationally Appropriate Mitigation Action (NAMA) that will provide climate finance for best livestock management practices that generate climate change mitigation benefits. The LivestockPlus research project,...
Disabling the steering wheel? National and international actors' climate change mitigation strategies in Latin America
German Institute of Global and Area Studies 2015
The Latin American region holds important potential for mitigation and has a long?standing tradition of crafting policies and drafting legislation on climate change. This article addresses the question of how Brazil, Costa Rica, and C...
Learning from 20 years of payments for ecosystem services in Costa Rica
International Institute for Environment and Development 2013
In 1996, the tiny country of Costa Rica took bold steps to initiate one of the first nationalised ‘payments for ecosystem services’ (PES) programmes. The programme has grown tremendously, as the first chapter of this paper...
Work, family and public policy changes in Latin America: equity, maternalism and co-responsibility
M. Blofield; J. Martínez / United Nations [UN] Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean 2014
Taking account of the substantial increase in female labour market participation that has occurred throughout the Latin American region, this article describes policies adopted with the aim of reconciling work and family responsibilit...
Nature Index Costa Rica: an IPBES pilot project
D.N. Barton / Norwegian Institute for Nature Research 2014
The “Nature Index Costa Rica” (NI-CR)  has  been  a  one-year  pilot  project  to demonstrate and promote the  capacity-building objectives of the Intergovernmental Platform on ...
REDD: A Collection of Conflicts, Contradictions and Lies
World Rainforest Movement 2015
The complexity of REDD initiatives from another perspective. REDD: A Collection of Conflicts, Contradictions and Lies presents summaries of reports from 24 REDD projects or programmes with a common character...
Violations of indigenous peoples' territorial rights: the example of Costa Rica
Forest Peoples Programme 2014
Costa Rica, the subject of this article, is an upper middle income country that is widely regarded as having a generally positive human rights record. It has also avoided the violent conflicts and political instability that have chara...
Exchange rate regimes for post-conflict recovery
I. Elbadawi; R. Soto / Economic Research Forum, Egypt 2013
The economic agenda for post-conflict transition has been dominated by issues of aid effectiveness. This paper argues that the received literature has largely ignored the important issue of what constitutes an optimal exchange rate an...
Fair company–community partnerships in palm oil development
A. Beekmans; J.W. Molenaar; J. Dallinger / Oxfam 2014
This discussion paper argues that palm oil production can lead to greenhouse gas emissions, land grabs and exploitation. But, it says that sustainable production, investment and sourcing can create benefits for the climate and communi...
Payments for ecosystem services schemes: project-level insights on benefits for ecosystems and the rural poor.
G Kissinger; C Patterson; H Neufeldt / World Agroforestry Centre 2013
Payments  for  ecosystem  services (PES)  provide a market based instrument to motivate changes in land use that degrade ecosystem services. This investigation sought  to better understand how effective PES sc...
Items 1 to 10 of 128

Items 1 to 10 of 128

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