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Cuba and Trade Policy

  • Capital: Havana
  • Population: 11423000
  • Size: 110860.0 Km2

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The BLDS trade collection
The BLDS trade collection

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Key issues relating to environmental goods and services
M. Kennett; R. Steenblik / Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development, 2005
This study presents a synthesis of 17 country studies on environmental goods and services (EG&S). The countries examined are Brazil, Chile, China, Cuba, the Czech Republic, the Dominican Republic, Guatemala, Honduras, Israel, Keny...
The unprecedented scale of the Ebola outbreak has prompted a number of online initiatives aimed at supporting the global response to the outbreak by providing access to relevant knowledge, news and other resources. This short feature highlights some of these initiatives – in particular the Ebola Response Anthropology platform, which was launched earlier this month and has taken a unique anthropological approach to the Ebola response. The platform, coordinated by academics from the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine (LSHTM), the Institute of Development Studies (IDS), and the Universities of Sussex and Exeter, aims to “build a more locally appropriate and socially informed outbreak response by providing clear, practical, real-time advice that engages with crucial socio-cultural and political dimensions of the outbreak.” It provides rapid responses by email, conference calls and web-based dialogues to operational questions raised by those working for NGOs, government and international agencies to contain the epidemic or care for those affected. The website also provides access to briefings and guides, background, and field notes on the topics of: Identifying and diagnosing cases Management of the dead Caring for the sick Clinical trials/research Preparedness. If you're looking for other sources of information on the Ebola outbreak and response, here are a few that we've found useful and interesting: The Lancet Ebola Resource Centre: resources from The Lancet on Ebola, including updates, audio, research and editorials. The Ebola Communication Network: a collection of health communication materials from a variety of sources designed to help address the spread of the Ebola virus in West Africa.  WHO Ebola Virus Disease: Technical information, resources, features, situation reports and country information from the World Health Organization. SciDev.Net Ebola Crisis: SciDev.Net's collection of the latest stories from Ebola-stricken countries. Image credit: © European Commission DG ECHO, 2014
M. de Miranda Parrondo / Canadian Foundation for the Americas, 2005
This paper presents an overview of the structures and difficulties of the Cuban economy. Main observations are: over the past few years the Cuban economy has shown a moderate rate of growth, insufficient to pull the cou...
Are remittances enough?: economic consequences of migration in the Caribbean
K. Nurse / Canadian Foundation for the Americas, 2004
This paper examines the developmental impact of the growth of the diasporic economy on Caribbean countries, focusing on the issues of remittances, diasporic exports, brain drain, as well as the new health and security risks associated...
Access to existing drugs and incentives to develop new drugs: do intellectual property rights strike the right balance?
Institute for Global Health, 2000
The impact of stronger intellectual property (IP) rights regimes on public health has become the subject of considerable concern within international development circles. Views have frequently been divided between those who see strong...
US sanctions have failed in Cuba, it's time for economic engagement
P. Peters / CATO Institute, Washington, 2000
The wide array of U.S. sanctions has failed to promote change in Cuba and has allowed Castro to reinforce his arguments that the United States promotes economic deprivation in Cuba and seeks to abridge Cuban sovereignty. The author ar...
Tourism is central to Cuba's new import substitution strategy
C. Brundenius / Danish Institute for International Studies, 2002
This paper discusses the tourism boom in Cuba, its main actors, its effects on the national economy so far, and the sustainability of the new development strategy in a longer perspective. In the early 1990's only 12% of tourism...
Developing country perpective on TRIPS and access to medicines
World Trade Organization, 2001
Draft proposal by a grouping of less developed and developing countries for a declaration at the fourth WTO ministerial conference in Doha, Qatar. Outlines the general position of those countries with respect to implementation of the ...
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Center for European Studies, Cuba
Promoting research on social, political and economic issues in Europe
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