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  • Capital: Quito
  • Population: 14790608
  • Size: 283560.0 Km2

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Minimum wage and informality in Ecuador
C. Canelas / United Nations University World Institute for Development Economics Research 2014
This paper investigates if changes in the minimum wage have influenced changes on the formality and informality rates, and the level of wages in Ecuador. A 12-year panel was built. It allows to overcome the short time span of househol...
Economic Impact of Broadband Deployment in Ecuador
R Katz; F Callorda / International Development Research Centre 2013
The purpose of this paper is to determine the economic impact of broadband deployment in Ecuador. First, to structure the theoretical framework, the study presents two models based on aggregate macroeconomic data, where the contributi...
Policy recommendations for Ecuador: export promotion, idustrialization and capacity building
Hongyul Han; Hosaeng Rhee, / Korea Development Institute 2012
The Ministry of Strategy and Finance of the Republic of Korea (MOSF) and The Secretary of National Planning and Development Strategy(SENPLADES) of Ecuador have launched a new program of cooperation, the Knowledge Sharing Program KSP. ...
Development strategies of Latin American and Caribbean countries and the green economy approach: a comparative analysis
United Nations [UN] Environment Programme 2013
The UN-led global debate on green economy in the context of sustainable development and poverty eradication, culminating at the Rio+20 Summit, presented a unique opportunity for nations to examine different development models, highlig...
Expanding lessons from a randomised impact evaluation of cash and food transfers in Ecuador and Uganda
International Initiative for Impact Evaluation 2015
There is now substantial evidence that periodic cash transfers to poor households as a form of social protection, particularly when conditional on complementary investments in child schooling and health, can lead to substantial and su...
REDD: A Collection of Conflicts, Contradictions and Lies
World Rainforest Movement 2015
The complexity of REDD initiatives from another perspective. REDD: A Collection of Conflicts, Contradictions and Lies presents summaries of reports from 24 REDD projects or programmes with a common character...
Validation of hearing screening procedures in Ecuadorian schools
International Initiative for Impact Evaluation 2014
When not detected early in life, most children with permanent hearing loss lag behind their peers in language, social, and cognitive development; fail school more frequently; and do not acquire the skills to be successfully employed. ...
Cyclicality of fiscal behavior in developing oil-producing countries: an empirical review
N. Erbil / Economic Research Forum, Egypt 2011
Oil price volatility has increased in recent years, where these large, unpredictable swings have a major impact on fiscal balances in developing oil-producing economies. This paper examines the cyclicality of fiscal behaviour in 28 de...
Political institutions and sovereign credit spreads
N. Boubakri; J.C. Cosset; H. Smaoui / Economic Research Forum, Egypt 2011
Sovereign spreads are influenced by a large number of factors. The current paper assesses the impact of political factors on sovereign spreads. The paper highlights that its approach is grounded in the political constraints and accoun...
We all need more education: What can be done to reduce teacher absenteeism
International Initiative for Impact Evaluation 2009
3ie Brief No. 5, March 2009 Monitoring and financial incentives have been shown to have a significant impact on absenteeism, whereas local monitoring of attendance has failed to have such an impact. However, more evidence is re...
Items 1 to 10 of 168

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