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El Salvador

El Salvador
  • Capital: San Salvador
  • Population: 6052064
  • Size: 21040.0 Km2

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Pursuing a green economy: growth alongside environmental sustainability in Latin America
Evidence and Lessons from Latin America 2014
Latin American countries have been implementing some innovative market incentives to catalyse the expansion of the green economy, in particular in relation to natural resource conservation and development of greener energy and infrast...
Payments for environmental services: a market mechanism protecting Latin America’s forests
J. Russell / Evidence and Lessons from Latin America 2014
In Latin America, payments for environmental services schemes are the preferred market mechanism for forest conservation and reforestation. Success stories from the region provide a range of valuable lessons for other countries still ...
Mediating criminal violence: lessons from the gang truce in El Salvador
T. Whitfield / Centre for Humanitarian Dialogue, Switzerland 2013
During the 1980s El Salvador suffered a bitterly contested civil war. Negotiations mediated by the United Nations concluded in a peace agreement in 1992 and set the course for the, largely smooth, assimilation of former guerrillas in ...
An alternative to mercantilism: manufacturing extension services in Latin American and Caribbean countries
S. Andes; S. Ezell; J. Leal 2013
Within Latin American and Caribbean (LAC) economies, small-and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) dominate manufacturing, accounting for the vast majority, over 98 percent, of manufacturing firms and about one-third of manufacturing outp...
Advancing gender equality through the budget: Latin American experiences with gender-responsive budgeting
J. Oropeza / Evidence and Lessons from Latin America 2013
Latin America is leading the way in gender-responsive budgeting and is producing some insightful lessons for other regions of the world.Gender inequality is particularly prevalent in developing regions where it prevents millions of wo...
Violent women and violence against women
I.A. Umana; J. Rikkers 2012
The report focuses on El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras. The exploratory study is based on a series of interviews with both active and former female gang members in the three countries between 2008 and 2011. At a time when al...
Challenges for a climate compatible development: how to strengthen agricultural, livestock and forestry public policies
Latin American Platform on Climate 2012
This policy brief emerges from a process of analysis of the status and quality of the public policies on climate change and development in ten Latin American countries: Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Peru, Bolivia, Ecuador, Uruguay, Colomb...
Inequality watch
B. Thoresen / Norwegian People's Aid 2012
This report is a contribution to the development policy debate. It shows that it is a too narrow approach to limit the targets of development policy to growth or to lifting a population above an artificial poverty line. A clear priori...
Global assessment of how countries have been affected by weather-related loss events
S. Harmeling; D. Eckstein / Germanwatch 2012
This report analyses the extent to which countries have been affected by weather-related loss events. It warns that the window for putting the world on a track to stay below two degrees Celsius is rapidly closing and preparations must...
Climate change, adaptation, and formal education: the role of schooling for increasing societies' adaptive capacities in El Salvador and Brazil
C. Wamsler / Ecology and Society 2012
This paper examines the influence of formal education in determining the adaptive capacity of the residents of two low-income settlements where climate-related disasters are recurrent: Los Manantiales in San Salvador (El Salvador) and...
Items 11 to 20 of 139

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