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Equatorial Guinea

Equatorial Guinea
  • Capital: Malabo
  • Population: 1014999
  • Size: 28051.0 Km2

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National economic development of Equatorial Guinea in horizon 2020
Korea Development Institute 2012
In 2011, South Korea launched the first Knowledge Sharing Program (KSP) with Equatorial Guinea (República de Guinea Ecuatorial), which is located in the mid-west of Africa. The KSP is a policy consultation project that aims to ...
Consultation report on Equatorial Guinea’s key policy sectors: ariculture, fisheries, tourism, and finance
Korea Development Institute 2013
The Republic of Equatorial Guinea is an emerging West African country with its solid vision for growth, and, with the national strategic document of “Vision 2020” and under the administrative guidance of the National Agenc...
Oil, corruption and conflict in West Africa: The failure of governance and corporate social responsibility
J Rosenstein / Kofi Annan International Peace Keeping Training Centre 2005
Natural resources are a noted cause of intra-state conflict and deserve recognition as such by ECOWAS. Oil, in particular, is linked to frequent civil strife and conflicts induced by slow rates of economic growth, weak and undemocrati...
Cyclicality of fiscal behavior in developing oil-producing countries: an empirical review
N. Erbil / Economic Research Forum, Egypt 2011
Oil price volatility has increased in recent years, where these large, unpredictable swings have a major impact on fiscal balances in developing oil-producing economies. This paper examines the cyclicality of fiscal behaviour in 28 de...
Financing readiness: insights from the Amazon Fund and Congo Basin Forest Funds' efforts to reduce emissions from deforestation and degradation
C. Watson; S. Nakhooda / Overseas Development Institute 2014
Finance to reduce emissions from deforestation and forest degradation, forest conservation, sustainable management of forests and the enhancement of forest carbon stocks (REDD+) has been innovatively structured to support ‘readi...
Enhancing the governance of Africa’s oil sector
D. Yates / South African Institute of International Affairs 2009
Empirical studies have shown that oil-dependent countries are more likely to suffer from civil wars motivated by ‘grievances’ or ‘greed’ — and this is particularly true for states in sub-Saharan Africa. ...
Exploring the potential for low-carbon energy projects for development in Sub-Saharan Africa
C. Gouvello (ed); F. Dayo (ed); M. Thioye (ed) / World Bank 2008
Sub-Saharan Africa has an opportunity of choosing a cleaner development pathway via low-carbon energy alternatives that can reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. African countries stand to benefit from financial instruments like the ...
Balancing rural livelihoods, urban consumption and conservation key to controlling bushmeat hunting
Noelle Francesca Kumpel / Imperial College, University of London 2006
Bushmeat hunting is thought to be becoming increasingly unsustainable in west and central Africa, but true assessment of sustainability and consequently appropriate management, is constrained by poor understanding of cause and effect....
Importance of wildlife resources for food and livelihood security in Equatorial Guinea
S. Allebone-Webb / Zoological Society of London 2009
This thesis shows that two rural villages in continental Equatorial Guinea consume, produce and earn significant amounts from wildlife resources, particularly bushmeat. The author notes that through an investigation of the variation i...
An overview of existing social protection programmes and childhood poverty in West and Central Africa
R. Holmes; T. Braunholtz-Speight / Overseas Development Institute 2009
This report seeks to provide an overview of existing social protection policy and programming initiatives in the West and Central Africa and to assess the extent to which these address the particular manifestations of childhood povert...
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