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  • Capital: Asmara
  • Population: 5792984
  • Size: 121320.0 Km2

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Rapid fragility and migration assessment for Eritrea: Rapid Literature Review
Governance and Social Development Resource Centre 2016
Eritreans have fled the country in large numbers since the 1960s as a result of war, poverty and a lack of freedom. The 30-year long Independence war produced a diaspora of over a million people, mostly based in Sudan, the Middle East...
Care policy brief on the need to focus on resilience to tackle the hunger and poverty crisis affecting the Sahel region of Africa
P. Gubbels / CARE International 2015
Every year, over 20 million people suffer from chronic hunger, and are trapped in a debt and hunger cycle from which they cannot escape. Substantial humanitarian and development action is required in 2016 and beyond, yet this crisis i...
Regional security in the post-cold war Horn of Africa
R. Sharamo (ed) / Institute for Security Studies 2011
Africa still faces numerous security issues that continue to challenge its political viability, stability, prosperity and sustainable peace. This monograph attempts to uncover the complexity of the most salient security issues ...
From fatigues to three-piece suits: East African guerrillas in power
G. Prunier / South African Institute of International Affairs 2009
Since decolonisation in African countries ethno-political differences have led to guerrilla warfare. Through these movements, authoritarian regimes have been created. In Uganda, after the National Resistance Movement took p...
Living testimony: obstetric fistula and inequities in maternal health
D. Jones (ed); E. Brazier (ed); P. Lee Poy (ed) / Family Care International 2007
Obstetric fistula is an injury to the birth canal, resulting from prolonged labour, that has devastating physical and psychological effects on women’s lives. Its persistence reveals vast inequities in access to and quality of re...
Climate change, water conflicts and human security
J. Kloos; N. Gebert; T. Rosenfeld; F. Renaud / United Nations University Institute for Environment and Human Security 2013
This report presents a comprehensive regional assessment of the Mediterranean, Middle East, and Sahel in terms of climate change impacts, vulnerabilities, conflict/cooperation and human security at various scales and in a variety of c...
People in crises: tackling the root causes of famine in the Horn of Africa
H.A. Terefe / Norwegian Agricultural Economics Research Institute 2012
In mid-2011 the world became witness to a widespread food crisis in the Horn of Africa, which has escalated into acute shortages of food notably in the regions of southern Somalia, northern Kenya, southeastern Ethiopia and Djibouti. T...
A vectorial capacity product to monitor changing malaria transmission potential in epidemic regions of Africa
P. Ceccato / International Research Institute for Climate and Society 2012
Malaria is a major public health threat to the African continent. Rainfall and temperature are two of the major factors triggering malaria epidemics in warm semi-arid and high altitude epidemic risk areas. The ability of the mosquitoe...
Pastoralism in the Horn of Africa: Diverse livelihood pathways
K. Wellard-Dyer / Future Agricultures Consortium 2012
CAADP Policy Brief 06 by Kate Wellard-Dyer Pastoralists in the Horn of Africa have struggled for centuries with drought, conflict and famine. They are resourceful, innovative and entrepreneurial peoples, by necessi...
Innovation works:pastoralists building secure livelihoods in the Horn of Africa
A. Nunow / Future Agricultures Consortium 2011
Pastoralist areas of the Horn of Africa are experiencing rapid change. Markets are opening up, helping to improve livelihoods and generate substantial new wealth for local and national economies. Political and constitutional changes a...
Items 1 to 10 of 92

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