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  • Capital: Addis Ababa
  • Population: 88013491
  • Size: 1127127.0 Km2

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The BLDS print collection
The BLDS print collection

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Success factors for women's and children's health: Policy and programme highlights from 10 fast-track cuontries
The Partnership for Maternal, Newborn and Child Health, 2014
There have been substantial achievements towards MDGs 4 and 5 (to reduce child mortality and improve maternal health) from 1990 (the baseline for the MDGs) to 2014. Despite this, every year 6.6 million children&nbs...
What are the Factors Enabling and Constraining Effective Leaders in Nutrition? A Four Country Study
N. Nisbett; E. Wach; L. Haddad; S. El Arifeen / Institute of Development Studies UK, 2014
Leadership has been identified as a key factor in supporting action on nutrition in countries experiencing a high burden of childhood undernutrition. This study of individuals identified as influential within nutrition in Bangladesh, ...
Children’s multidimensional health and medium-run cognitive skills
E. Aurino; F. Burchi / Young Lives, 2014
By recognising the multifaceted nature of health, this paper engages in the lively debate on the effects of health in early childhood on educational outcomes in later life stages, bringing new evidence from four low-and middle-income ...
Children’s agency in responding to shocks and adverse events in Ethiopia
N. Chuta / Young Lives, 2014
Even if shock is a routine part of the existence of many children, poorer children are disproportionately affected and experience slightly different and greater impact.  This paper is about children’s experiences of ...
Forest carbon stocks in woody plants of Tara Gedam Forest: Implication for climate change mitigation
M. Gedefaw; T. Soromessa; S. Belliethathan / Science, Technology and Arts Research Journal, 2014
The overall objective of this study was to estimate the carbon stock potentials of Tara Gedam forest, Ethiopia, as potential sink for climate change mitigation. Forest plays an important role in the global carbon cycle as carbon sinks...
Assessing drought displacement risk for Kenyan, Ethiopian and Somali pastoralists
J. Ginnetti; T. Franck / Internal Displacement Monitoring Centre, 2014
This study represents an initial attempt to assess patterns of displacement related to droughts in selected countries of the Horn of Africa, specifically the border regions of Kenya, Ethiopia and Somalia. The analysis is based ...
Impact of land certification on sustainable land resource management in the Amhara Region, Ethiopia
E. Adgo / Drylands Coordination Group, Norway, 2014
In Ethiopia, 85% of the population is directly supported by the agricultural economy.  However, the productivity of that economy is being seriously eroded by unsustainable land management practices both in areas of food crops and...
Efficiency and productivity differential effects of land certification program in Ethiopia: quasi-experimental evidence from Tigray
H.G. Hagos; S. Holden / International Food Policy Research Institute, 2014
This report from the Ethiopia Strategy Support Program examines the effects of the land certification program in Ethiopia on efficiency and productivity. Although theory predicts that better property rights to land can increase...
Planning for an uncertain future: promoting adaptation to climate change through flexible and forward-looking decision making
L. Jones; E. Ludi; E. Carabine; N. Grist / Overseas Development Institute, 2014
This report outlines the activities of the Africa Climate Change Resilience Alliance (ACCRA) in seeking to strengthen 'Flexible and Forward-Looking Decision Making' (FFDM) among district development actors. This is defined as “t...
Disaster-related displacement from the Horn of Africa
V. Kolmannskog; T. Afifi / Norwegian Refugee Council, 2014
Between 2008 and 2012, 144 million people were forced to leave their homes by sudden-onset disasters around the world. The vast majority of them fled from floods, storms and wildfires and others effects of climate change. Most remain ...
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The African Child Policy Forum (ACPF)
Science, Technology and Arts Research Journal (STAR)
STAR Journal is an open-access journal which publishes research related to the fields of Science, Technology and Arts.
Ethiopian Journal of Environmental Studies and Management (EJESM)
The Ethiopian Journal of Environmental Studies and Management (EJESM) is based in the Department of Geography and Environmental Studies, Bahir Dar University, Ethiopia. Its aim is to publish original research out put in the area of Geography, Ecology, Botany, Conservation studies, Water Resources, Urban Studies, Environmental Design and Management and other allied disciplines. It is devoted to dis...
African Centre for Humanitarian Action - Africa Humanitarian Action (ACHA)
ACHA aims to unite and strengthen African CSOs by facilitating stronger partnerships through increased learning and improved advocacy. It aims to build on existing knowledge and expertise in order to achieve greater impact for vulnerable communities. In doing so, ACHA enables CSOs to enhance their participation in the humanitarian community
Pastoralist Communication Initiative
Promoting new knowledge and innovation in pastoralism
African Child Policy Forum
African Child Policy Forum
Development Policy Management Forum, Ethiopia (DPMF)
DPMF is a regional civil-society organisation that aims at consolidating and institutionalising democratic governance in Africa. The forum conducts research, training and advocacy with a focus on enhancing the capacity of policy makers and civil-society in African countries. Areas of focus include: civil service and democratic governance conflict and peace-building regional integrat...
Ethiopian Civil Service College (ECSC)
ECSC was established in 1995 to cater for the training needs of the Ethiopian civil service system, to conduct research and to provide consultancy services. The college has three faculties: the faculty of law the faculty of urban development studies the faculty of business and economics As well as offering short term and undergraduate courses, the faculty of business and econom...
Ethiopian Journal of Health Development
The Ethiopian Journal of Health Development has been in print since 1984 and has been the main forum for exchange of information in the public health arena in Ethiopia. Currently the Journal is freely available online.
Institute of Development Research, Addis Ababa University, Ethiopia (IDR)
Ethiopian socio-economic research institute
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