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  • Capital: Conakry
  • Population: 10324025
  • Size: 245857.0 Km2

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Never again: building resilient health systems and leaning from the Ebola crisis
Oxfam 2016
It took the threat of a global health crisis to illustrate the failings of Africa’s health systems. Resilient health systems, free at the point of use, are evidently a global public good. They are essential for the provision of u...
Leach post-2015 development and Ebola JID pre-proof.pdf
M. Leach / Journal of International Development 2015
This article argues that the recent Ebola crisis is the result of structural violence, as interlocking institutions have produced interlaced inequalities, unsustainabilities and insecurities. These have underlain the vulnerabilities i...
Shifting security challenges in the China–Africa relationship
R. Anthony; H. Esterhuyse; M. Burgess / South African Institute of International Affairs 2015
China’s involvement in African security has deepened in recent years. This policy insights paper discusses three aspects of the China–Africa security relationship to highlight some of the evolving challenges and the ways i...
Building state capacity for inclusive development: the politics of public sector reform
B. Bukenya; P. Yanguas / Effective States and Inclusive Development Research Centre 2013
A capable state is essential for inclusive development, and developing countries are seeking to build it through a multifaceted agenda of public sector reform (PSR). This paper provides an analytically-driven review of PSR as a policy...
Ebola Regional lesson learning
S. Thompson; L. Bolton / Health and Education Advice and Resource Team 2014
The Ebola outbreak currently affecting West Africa is the most serious trans-national medical emergency in modern times. It has the potential to become a global health crisis. Many of the countries affected already have weak health sy...
Ebola, politics and ecology: beyond the ‘Outbreak Narrative'
Institute of Development Studies UK 2015
The origin of the Ebola outbreak in West Africa has been traced to the likely confluence of a virus, a bat, a two-year-old child and an underequipped rural health centre. Understanding how these factors may have combined in south-east...
Ebola and extractive industry
J. Allouche / Institute of Development Studies UK 2015
The economic effects of the Ebola health crisis are slowly unfolding as the virus continues to affect Sierra Leone, Liberia and Guinea. The most important sector is mining as these three countries share a rich iron ore geological belt...
The pathology of inequality: gender and ebola in West Africa
J. Diggins; E. Mills / Institute of Development Studies UK 2015
The international response to Ebola has been decried for being ‘too slow, too little, too late’. As well as racing to respond, this parctice paper argues for the need to consider what has happened over the past decades to le...
A wake-up call – lessons from Ebola for the world’s health systems
Save the Children Fund 2015
Ebola has taken a dreadful toll in the three West African countries hit by the current outbreak – Guinea, Sierra Leone and Liberia. It has led to the deaths of thousands of adults and children, in pain, distress and, because of ...
Oil, corruption and conflict in West Africa: The failure of governance and corporate social responsibility
J Rosenstein / Kofi Annan International Peace Keeping Training Centre 2005
Natural resources are a noted cause of intra-state conflict and deserve recognition as such by ECOWAS. Oil, in particular, is linked to frequent civil strife and conflicts induced by slow rates of economic growth, weak and undemocrati...
Items 1 to 10 of 129

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