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  • Capital:
  • Population: 7353985
  • Size: 20770.0 Km2

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Civil society in exile in Palestine
Civil Society and Governance Programme, IDS 2000
The status of Palestinian refugees inside the Palestinian territories and in their refugee camps the three main Arab host countries (Jordan, Syria, and Lebanon) continue to be a primary source of tension between the attempts of the PN...
Conflict and repression in state formation
Civil Society and Governance Programme, IDS 2000
This case study reviews and analyzes the ongoing political conflict between the Palestine National Authority (PNA) and its main opposition, the Islamic Resistance Movement (HAMAS) during various stages of the state formation process. ...
How has upheaval in Palestine sffected children's rights and education?
Save the Children Fund 2002
This study describes the results of focus groups carried out in four of the worst affected Palestinian areas. Researchers talked to children, their parents and teachers about the ways in which closures, violence and impoverishment had...
Israel and Palestine failing to protect their children
Child Rights Information Network 2002
This report is a call for immediate action to protect Palestinian and Israeli children. Children represent approximately 15 percent of all individuals killed since 2000 in the violence between Israelis and Palestinians. The children a...
Connections between poverty, education and terrorism are indirect, complicated and probably weak
A.B. Krueger; J. Maleckova / National Bureau of Economic Research, USA 2002
The paper investigates whether there is a causal link between poverty or low education and participation in politically motivated violence and terrorist activities. The authors found that: the occurrence of hate ...
The crucial role of women must taken into account in any peacebuilding initiative
D. R. Marshall / United States Institute of Peace 2000
Many of the efforts under way to sustain peace in countries and regions beset by or emerging from violent conflict are undertaken by grassoots organisations formed by those whose lives are most directly and significantly affected by t...
Has inflation targetting really contributed to improved economic performance?
Frederic S. Mishkin; K Schmidt-Hebbel / Banco Central de Chile / Central Bank of Chile 2001
This paper provides a brief review of the main design features of 18 inflation targeting experiences in industrial and emerging economies and gives a statistical analysis as to whether countries under inflation targeting are structura...
Conservation, reclamation and grazing in the northern Negev: Contradictory or complementary concepts?
A. Perevolotsky / Pastoral Development Network, ODI 1995
Paper explores the relationships between the following concepts under the conditions of Middle Eastern semi-arid ecosystems. Paper states that there are two apparent contradictions in the title of this paper. First, grazing by domesti...
Organisational development, training and analysing budget policies within NGOs: analysis, examples and case-studies
Operations Evaluations Division, World Bank 2000
This publication provides a flavour of the wide range of budget work being undertaken by NGOs and is divided into two general categories: Organizational development and training Analyzing and affecting budget p...
Palestinians are suffering due to Isreali mis-treatment
R.C. Riddell / Christian Aid 2001
The article points out that the most serious issue for attention is the effect of Israeli government policies which contribute to the long term underdevelopment of the economy. The article is particularly critical of: ...
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