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  • Capital:
  • Population: 7353985
  • Size: 20770.0 Km2

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Stewardship, monitoring, and context-specific design are crucial factors in achieving universal social health insurance coverage
G. Carrin; C. James / World Health Organization 2004
This paper, produced by the World Health Organisation, discusses the process of extending specific social health insurance (SHI) programmes in low and middle-income countries to cover entire populations. The paper reviews the main pat...
Practical guidelines on gender issues to be aware of when working in areas affected by conflict
A. Söderberg Jacobson / Kvinna till Kvinna Foundation 2004
This handbook is intended as a tool for people working in areas affected by war and armed conflict and in the peace and rebuilding process. It draws on numerous examples of women’s efforts in peace-building and reconstruct...
Palestinian refugees: in limbo forever?
Thomas Hammarberg / id21 Development Research Reporting Service 2002
Since 1948 the issue of Palestinian refugees has had a permanent place on the international political agenda. Events repeatedly demonstrate that there can be no Middle East peace without addressing their rights. A decade after the ...
Simply effective - magnesium sulphate reduces the risk of eclampsia in pregnancy
Lelia Duley / id21 Development Research Reporting Service 2002
Pre-eclampsia and eclampsia may kill more than 50 000 pregnant women each year, mostly in developing regions. A study in 33 countries, co-ordinated by the Oxford Institute of Health Sciences, shows that magnesium sulphate reduces the ...
Assessing the odds for peace: conflict resolution in theory and practice
Hugh Miall; Oliver Ramsbotham; Tom Woodhouse / id21 Development Research Reporting Service 2002
Is the field of conflict resolution a western liberal imposition or does it have global relevance? Has it grown out of its Cold War roots? Can civil and international conflicts be prevented, managed and resolved? Should the internatio...
Understanding adolescent violence: lessons from Palestine
Hala Salem Abuateya / id21 Development Research Reporting Service 2002
What happens when violence, induced by political conflict, becomes the norm for adolescents? How can educators and policymakers work with young people to help them to understand their aggression and develop skills to help the transiti...
Economic analysis of the impact of terrorist attacks on tourism
H. Aly; M. Strazicich / Economic Research Forum, Egypt 2000
This paper uses economic analysis to explore the duration of the impact of events such as terrorist attacks on the tourist economy. The authors state that no research has directly examined the time path of tourist visits to test if &l...
Islam and democracy need not be incongruous
A. Knudsen / Chr. Michelsen Institute, Norway 2003
This report provides an overview of the political Islam in the Middle East , with a special emphasis on the Islamic resurgence in the Levant ( Egypt , Israel , Jordan , Lebanon , Palestine and Syria ). Following an introduction...
Resisting the peace in the Middle East
J al-Khatib / Civil Society and Governance Programme, IDS 2000
"Normalisation" is the process by which nations who are former enemies restore bilateral relations, in terms of the restoration of cooperation, partnership, and exchange of expertise and activities at all political, cultural, economic...
Urban planning and the control of civil society in Palestine
Civil Society and Governance Programme, IDS 2000
A significant feature of Jerusalem is its segmented, communal character. Jerusalem, unlike Hebron and Nablus, has no urban centre. Its old neighbourhoods continue to display a confessional, 'closed' character. This paper is a study of...
Items 81 to 90 of 100

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