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  • Capital: Tokyo
  • Population: 127288000
  • Size: 377835.0 Km2

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Demographic change and fiscal sustainability in Asia
S.-H. Lee; J. Kim; D. Park / Economic Growth Centre, Nanyang Technical University 2016
Changes in the population age structure can have a significant effect on fiscal sustainability since they can affect both government revenues and expenditures. For example, population ageing will increase expenditures on the elderly w...
East Asian regional cooperation: approaches and processes
M.S. Austria / Philippine Institute for Development Studies 2002
East Asia has been caught with regionalism in recent years. There has been a proliferation of bilateral and regional trading arrangement initiatives across the region. Long known for their support to the multilateral framework under t...
Philippine-Japan bilateral agreements: analysis of possible effects on unemployment, distribution and poverty in the Philippines using CGE-microsimulation approach
C.B. Cororaton / Philippine Institute for Development Studies 2004
The ongoing negotiations on the possible bilateral agreements between the Philippines and Japan cover a number of issues. However, the scope of the paper limits only to analysing the possible effects of reducing Philippine tariffs on ...
An Analysis of Industry and Sector-Specific Impacts of a Japan-Philippines economic partnership
R.E.O. Escolar / Philippine Institute for Development Studies 2004
This paper aims to identify industry and macro-level factors that affect competitiveness of selected sectors upon the implementation of the JPEPA. Priority sectors identified by the Department of Trade and Industry, accounting for 82%...
Preferential rules of origin for the Japan-Philippine economic partnership: issues and prospects
G. Manzano / Philippine Institute for Development Studies 2004
The design of rules of origin (ROO) in preferential trade agreements is critical because to the extent that it determines which products are eligible for trade preferences, it influences the magnitude of economic benefits arising from...
Prospects of services trade liberalization in Japan-RP bilateral agreement
G.O. Pasadilla / Philippine Institute for Development Studies 2004
While the multilateral trading rules have focused on creating a free flow of goods across countries for over 50 years, it was only in the last decade or so that the spotlight has focused on services. This paper provides a backg...
Prospects and problems of expanding trade with Japan: a survey of Philippine exporters
R. Palanca-Tan / Philippine Institute for Development Studies 2004
This paper looks at firm-level factors that affect Philippine exports to Japan with the main objective of recommending provisions for the proposed Japan-Philippines Economic Partnership Agreement (JPEPA) that will enable existing and ...
A cmparative study of the Bilateral FTA arrangements:
J.L. Avila / Philippine Institute for Development Studies 2004
This study is a comparative analysis of recently concluded bilateral free trade or closer economic partnership agreements including the Japan-Singapore Economic Partnership Agreement ( JSEPA), the New Zealand-Singapore Closer Economic...
Small and Medium Enterprise Development Experience and Policy in Japan and the Philippines: Lessons and Policy Implications
R. Tamangan; F. Josef; C. Habito / Philippine Institute for Development Studies 2004
The role of SMEs in economic development has been well recognized. SMEs have been regarded as an important contributor to employment generation and wealth creation in a developing economy. Ironically, however, SMEs have been discrimin...
Philippine-Japan economic linkages: a case study of Cebu
V. Zosa / Philippine Institute for Development Studies 2004
The impact of the Japan-Philippine Economic Agreement (JPEPA) can be enriched by providing a regional dimension in its macro-analysis. Cebu-Japan cooperation largely hinges on Cebu’s economic competitiveness which manifests itse...
Items 1 to 10 of 190

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