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  • Capital: Amman
  • Population: 6407085
  • Size: 92300.0 Km2

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The BLDS print collection

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Transitions in late-life living arrangements and socio-economic conditions of the elderly in Egypt, Jordan and Tunisia
A. Angeli; M. Novelli / Economic Research Forum, Egypt 2017
Middle East and North Africa’s demographic trends reveal together a growing ageing population and an exceptional growth of the youth population. Increasing elderly population leads to significant consequences for the cost...
Sharing and Learning on the Inclusion of Ageing and Disability in the Syrian Crisis
Women's Refugee Commission 2015
An estimated 22 percent of Syrian refugees in Jordan and Lebanon have impairments. Older persons constitute five percent of the Syrian community in host countries. In May 2014, UNHCR, Handicap International, HelpAge International and ...
Socio-economic inequalities in maternity care under political instability: evidence From Egypt, Jordan and Yemen
A.S. Rashad; M.F. Sharaf / Economic Research Forum, Egypt 2016
Medical care during pregnancy is crucial for protecting women from health risks during and after pregnancy, and has been consistently linked to better child health outcomes. Improving maternal health is one of the Millennium Developme...
The cost of irrigation water in the Jordan Valley
C. van den Berg / World Bank Institute, World Bank 2016
The purpose of this study was to determine the financial cost of irrigation water in the Jordan Valley and the corresponding impact of higher water prices on farming. The analysis shows that JVA needs significant tariff increases to b...
The imperative of influencing citizen attitude toward e-government adoption and use
O. Al-Hujran; M. M. Al-Debei; A. Charfield; M. Migdadi / ResearchGate 2015
With the imperative of e-government for better transparency, accountability and public services, the problem of low-level citizen adoption of e-government services has been recognized in developed and developing countries. This pressi...
Implementing energy subsidy reforms: evidence from developing countries
M. Vagliasindi / World Bank 2013
This report aims to provide the emerging lessons from a representative sample of 20 country case studies that could help policy makers to address implementation challenges, including overcoming political economy and affordability cons...
The Malala of Syria
J. Chen / United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees 2015
This short film (3 mins) tells the story of Muzon a young Syrian woman who is a passionate advocate for the education of girls and young women in Jordan’s refugee camps. Education has always played a big part in Muzon’s li...
Women and Girls Safe Spaces - A guidance note based on lessons learned from the Syrian Crisis
M Maglietti; J Miquel / United Nations Population Fund 2015
The creation of women and girls safe spaces (WGSS) has emerged as a key strategy for the protection and empowerment of women and girls affected by the Syrian crisis. This document provides an overview of what safe spaces are and what ...
Understanding democratic transition using self-organizing maps: a special focus on Arab spring countries
H. Haffoudhi; R. Mehdi; G. Abdelkader / Economic Research Forum, Egypt 2015
In December 2010, a popular protest movement erupted in Tunisia and spread to Egypt, Libya, and across the Middle East. However, although “Arab Spring” countries began in roughly similar places, the current paper clarifies...
The determinants of child health disparities in Jordan
C. Krafft / Economic Research Forum, Egypt 2015
The first few years of children’s lives provide a crucial window for their human development. Malnutrition, as a form of faltering development in the early years of life, has lasting consequences in terms of education, labor mar...
Items 1 to 10 of 180

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