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Kenya and Trade Policy

  • Capital: Nairobi
  • Population: 40046566
  • Size: 582650.0 Km2

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The BLDS trade collection
The BLDS trade collection

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China and India, “rising powers” and African development : challenges and opportunities
S. Roy / Nordic Africa Institute / Nordiska Afrikainstitutet, Uppsala 2014
In this report, the challenges and opportunities arising from the growing ties between two key “Rising Powers,” China and India, and Africa are more fully explored. This trend has given rise to speculative, exaggerated and...
Economic governance: African Women's Engagement in Trade Agreements
How are trade agreements formulated, and who exactly is involved in the negotiation processes? These are the questions addressed in this short documentary, produced by FEMNET with support from Trust Africa. It highlights some of the c...
Dynamics of pharmaceutical quality systems for the export of pharmaceuticals from India to Africa
Knowledge Partnership Programme 2014
With its pharmaceutical exports, India has been contributing to public health globally and is often referred to as the ‘pharmaceutical factory’ to the world. For example, India has a dominant global market share of anti-re...
East African Federation: Tanzanian awareness of economic and political integration remains poor, but there is growing support for political links
J. Knowles / Afrobarometer 2014
The current East African Community (EAC), which was formally launched in 2001 comprising Tanzania and other neighbouring countries, has achieved two primary stages of integration: a customs union and common market. However, knowledge ...
Rhino poaching: how do we respond?
R. Duffy; R.H. Emslie; M.H. Knight / Evidence on Demand 2013
This report outlines the main actors in rhino conservation, the major main threats to rhinos in the ‘Big 4’ range states (Zimbabwe, Kenya, South Africa and Namibia) which together conserve almost 99% and 96% of Africa&rsqu...
East Africa’s hub: the experience of South African companies doing busines in Kenya
J. Hudson / South African Institute of International Affairs 2007
Kenya presents a number of logistical challenges that act as constraints on investor enthusiasm. This is the eighth country case study in a comprehensive examination of business conditions prevailing in Africa, conducted by SAIIA&rsqu...
China in Kenya: addressing counterfeit goods and construction sector imbalances
H. Patroba / South African Institute of International Affairs 2012
China has become a key player in trade, investment and development co-operation in Kenya. Although mainly in the construction and manufacturing sectors, Chinese investments in Kenya have attracted praise and condemnation in equal prop...
The structure and dynamics of cut flower export markets from Kenya and Ethiopia
B. Perry / Norwegian Institute for International Affairs 2012
The flower trade from Kenya and Ethiopia has brought direct financial benefits to both countries which contribute to agricultural GDP. Moreover it has brought substantial indirect benefits in the form of employment, organisational and...
Achieving trade developmental goals in Africa’s agriculture requires comprehensive policies and private involvement
Consumer Unity and Trust Society, India 2011
Agriculture and trade can be engines for inclusive growth and development in African countries. This monograph presents the main findings of country research studies on trade and agriculture issues in Kenya, Malawi, Tanzania, Uganda a...
Enhancing farmers’ participation in supermarket channels through institutional support to reduce Kenyans’ poverty!
E.J.O. Rao; M. Qaim / AgEcon Search 2010
Expansion of supermarkets in developing countries is increasingly providing opportunities for farmers to participate in modern supply chains. This paper argues that supermarket expansion is likely to have substantial welfare effects i...
Items 1 to 10 of 58

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