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  • Capital: Tarawa
  • Population: 92533
  • Size: 811.0 Km2

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The BLDS print collection

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Case study: child centered climate change adaptation (4CA) in the Pacific Islands
S. Cocco-Klein / Equity for Children 2015
The ‘Child-Centered Climate Change Adaptation (4CA)’ Program supported communities in six Pacific Island Countries to adapt to the risks and challenges of climate change. The program’s focus, unique to the r...
Fish for the future: Fisheries development and food security for Kiribati in an era of global climate change
B. Campbell; Q. Hanich / The WorldFish Center 2014
This report provides background information for fisheries projects in Kiribati that aim to build food security, improve artisanal livelihoods and strengthen community engagement in fisheries governance. The report provides info...
Giving state-owned enterprises in Kiribati and Tuvalua a clear commercial mandate is a fundamental basis for improving performance
Asian Development Bank 2012
The efficiency and effectiveness of a country’s public sector is vital to its development, where poorly performing state-owned enterprise (SOEs) absorb large amounts of scarce capital, on which they provide very low returns. Thi...
Legal frameworks for ecosystem-based adaptation to climate change in the Pacific islands
B. Boer / Secretariat of the Pacific Regional Environment Programme 2012
This report analyses the legal aspects of ecosystem-based adaptation to climate change focusing on the Pacific island countries. It underscores that ecosystem-based adaptation can provide cost-effective strategies for reducing vulnera...
Children’s vulnerability to climate change and disaster impacts in East Asia and the Pacific
J. Lawler / United Nations Children's Fund 2011
In 2011, UNICEF commissioned field research in Indonesia, Kiribati, Mongolia, Philippines and Vanuatu to determine if there were noticeable patterns and trends of climate change and disaster impacts on children. This regional report s...
One planet to share: sustaining human progress in a changing climate
A. Rajivan 2012
The Asia-Pacific Regional Human Development Report (APHDR) focuses on the need for the region to find ways to continue to grow economically, while reducing poverty and tackling climate change and environmental concerns. The report add...
Linkages and integration between HIV and sexual and reproductive health the Pacific
Family Planning International 2010
This report identifies linkage and integration activity around HIV and sexual and reproductive health (SRH) in the Pacific region. Using a review of existing literature and interviews from Papua New Guinea, the Solomon Islands, ...
Improving the effectiveness of social spending in Pacific countries in light of the economic crisis
S. Feeny / Oxfam Australia 2010
Whilst at a macroeconomic level, the Global Economic Crisis (GEC) has had less impact on many Pacific countries than on most other developing countries, impacts from the GEC are ongoing and vary greatly across Pacific countr...
Case studies of water, sanitation and hygiene initiatives by NGOs
International Water Centre 2008
This online book documents approaches that non-governmental organisations (NGOs) have devised to promote water, sanitation and hygiene initiatives in South East Asia and the Pacific. It provides an opportunity for those in the region ...
Infrastructure is vital for pro-poor growth in East Asia
Mark Baird; Rita Nangia; Yasuo Fujita / id21 Development Research Reporting Service 2007
East Asian states have made impressive progress with economic growth and poverty reduction. However, some are struggling to meet demand for roads, water, communications, and power. Private investment in infrastructure is slow, especia...
Items 1 to 10 of 17

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