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Korea, South

Korea, South
  • Capital: Seoul
  • Population: 48422644
  • Size: 98480.0 Km2

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Climate change, agriculture, and adaptation in the Republic of Korea to 2050: an integrated assessment
International Food Policy Research Institute 2016
As the effects of climate change set in, and population and income growth exert increasing pressure on natural resources, food security is becoming a pressing challenge for countries worldwide. Awareness of these threats is critical t...
Shame, social exclusion and the effectiveness of anti-poverty programmes
R. Walker / Department for International Development, UK 2012
A two year qualitative investigation of the nature and consequences of shame associated with poverty was conducted in seven settings located in rural Uganda and India; urban China, Pakistan, Korea and United Kingdom; and small town an...
Demographic change and fiscal sustainability in Asia
S.-H. Lee; J. Kim; D. Park / Economic Growth Centre, Nanyang Technical University 2016
Changes in the population age structure can have a significant effect on fiscal sustainability since they can affect both government revenues and expenditures. For example, population ageing will increase expenditures on the elderly w...
The Republic of Korea's economic growth and catch-Up: implications for the People's Republic of China
J.W. Lee / Asian Development Bank Institute 2016
This study investigates the economic growth and catch-up of the Republic of Korea over the past half-century. The gap of output per worker between the Republic of Korea and United States has decreased rapidly, as the Republic ...
Accenture Report, Digital-Government pathway to delivering public services for the future. A comparative study of digital government performance across 10 countries
Accenture true / Accenture 2014
Accenture’s digital government research evaluates the current implementation levels of digital services, the overall service delivery experience and citizens’ satisfaction levels across 10 countries—Brazil, Germany, ...
East Asian regional cooperation: approaches and processes
M.S. Austria / Philippine Institute for Development Studies 2002
East Asia has been caught with regionalism in recent years. There has been a proliferation of bilateral and regional trading arrangement initiatives across the region. Long known for their support to the multilateral framework under t...
Abu Dhabi's ICT policy priority areas and Korea's best practices
Korea Development Institute 2012
South Korea and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) initially started a partnership with the signging of a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between the two countries to deepen economic cooperation in six strategic areas. One of the key ar...
Eight key areas of ICT development in Korea and three high priority initiatives in Abu Dhabi's ICT development
Korea Development Institute 2012
Korea and UAE leaderships agreed to establish a future-oriented strategic development partnership for common  development and prosperity in 2009. As a part of strategic bilateral collaboration, six MOUs on HRD, Energy, Informatio...
Policy recommendations to Abu Dhabi on ICT and e-governance
Philippine Institute for Development Studies 2012
The Korean government has implemented various strategic policies for increasing availability and user take-up of e-Government services since the 1980s. In fact, Korea has become one of the top performers in e-Government and is now bei...
Toward knowledge-based economy of the kingdom of Saudi Arabia
Korea Development Institute 2012
Korean Knowledge Sharing Program (KSP) has been conducted in cooperation with the government of Saudi Arabia on the issues of Economic Development in priority areas in 2010. The KSP with Saudi Arabia reached its second year in ...
Items 1 to 10 of 226

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