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  • Capital: Beirut
  • Population: 4125247
  • Size: 10400.0 Km2

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Further reforms are needed to ensure an independent judiciary in Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon and Morocco
I. Shalhoub; K. Henderson (ed) / International Foundation for Electoral Systems 2007
These four Middle Eastern and North African (MENA) countries were selected for this report on the basis of having implemented judicial reforms aimed at establishing an independent judiciary. However, the findings of this research, whi...
The situation of young Muslim women from a child’s right perspective, Middle East
P. Ouis / Save the Children [Sweden] 2006
This Save the Children publication investigates the situation of girls aged 12-18 years old in the Middle East with particular emphasis on the issues of participation and non-discrimination; the latter from the perspective of gender-b...
Lessons from governance innovations in the Middle East, north Africa and the western Balkans
Department of Economic and Social Affairs, United Nations 2007
This book analyses the challenges and opportunities that governments in the Mediterranean region have faced to improve their public administration systems. It highlights innovations that indicate each country’s willingness ...
Democracy a concept rather than reality in the Arab world
M. Zaki / Ibn Khaldoun Center for Development Studies 2007
All Arab leaders advocate democracy and claim that they are committed to democratic reforms. Tangible results, however, are hard to find. Arab countries are still ruled by authoritarian regimes and rulers are more concerned with retai...
Liberalisation will not cut poverty in Near East and North Africa
N. Minot; M. Chemingui; M. Thomas / International Fund for Agricultural Development 2007
Some argue that free trade is good for poverty reduction. This report examines the impact of trade liberalisation on small farmers and other poor households in the Near East and North Africa (NENA) region. It combines a comprehensive ...
A historical account of aid to Lebanon
G. Dibeh / United Nations University 2007
Since the end of its civil war, foreign aid to Lebanon has been considered an important element of postwar reconstruction.This paper examines aid flows to postwar Lebanon since 1992, and their implications on reconstruction and econom...
Value of the translation industry for economies in the Arab region
N. Harabi / Eldis Document Store 2007
Knowledge has always been at the heart of economic growth. It is disseminated through education, research and development, the mass media and the translation industry. In Arab countries there has been a widespread impression that...
The future of Islamic finance
A.A. Jobst / International Monetary Fund Working Papers 2007
This paper explains the fundamental legal principles of Islamic finance, and presents a model outlining the essential economic characteristics of Shariah-compliant finance. Although Islamic finance has experienced rapid growth in rece...
Palestinian refugees in Lebanon: on the margins of society
A. Knudsen / Chr. Michelsen Institute, Norway 2007
Lebanon has been a host to Palestinian refugees since 1948. This paper outlines the situation of these refugees, in terms of both their living conditions and their social, political and legal status. The authors examine this on the ba...
Forced migration – shifting from needs-based to rights-based policies
R. Napier-Moore; S. Gent / Development Research Centre on Migration, Globalisation and Poverty, University of Sussex 2007
How can the needs of refugees really be met? This brief paper shows why it is important for forced migration policy and practice to shift the balance from settlement-based ‘relief’ and welfare oriented (or needs-based) effor...
Items 1 to 10 of 44

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