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Lebanon and Food security

  • Capital: Beirut
  • Population: 4125247
  • Size: 10400.0 Km2

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Ensuring human security can lead to better opportunities for human development in the Arab world
M. El-Sayyid; M. Al-Rasheed; S. Benjelloun; et al / Human Development Report Office, UNDP 2009
This report examines human development in the Arab world through a human security lens, calling on policymakers and other stakeholders to move away from a state-centric conception of security to one which also concentrates on the secu...
Climate change could fuel further conflict in the Middle East
O. Brown; A. Crawford / International Institute for Sustainable Development, Winnipeg 2009
Climate models are predicting a hotter, drier and less predictable climate in the Middle East, a region already considered the world's most water-scarce and where, in many places, demand for water already outstrips supply. This report...
What does water as a human right mean in the Middle East and North Africa region?
A.K. Biswas (ed); E. Rached (ed); C. Tortajada (ed) / International Development Research Centre 2008
In 1992, a United Nations declaration proclaimed water as a human right. However, the water profession and the vast majority of governments in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region have not paid much attention. This on...
Persisting rural poverty in the Near East and North Africa (NENA) region
I. Christensen; B. Veillerette; S. Andricopulos / International Fund for Agricultural Development 2007
Poverty in the Near East and North Africa region (NENA) is mainly a rural phenomenon. Almost half (48%) the area’s population lives in rural areas. This report focuses on key rural poverty issues in 13 diverse countries in the r...
Items 1 to 4 of 4

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