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  • Capital: Monrovia
  • Population: 3685076
  • Size: 111370.0 Km2

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The BLDS print collection

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Preliminary reflections on the 2016 Liberian National Conflict-Mapping Exercise
N. Zondi / African Centre for Constructive Resolution of Disputes 2016
Since 2009, the Government of Liberia (GoL), working with its national and international partners, has continued to provide leadership in responding to a myriad of critical confl ict factors. It has done this through various peacebuil...
Never again: building resilient health systems and leaning from the Ebola crisis
Oxfam 2016
It took the threat of a global health crisis to illustrate the failings of Africa’s health systems. Resilient health systems, free at the point of use, are evidently a global public good. They are essential for the provision of u...
Picking up the pieces: Liberia’s peacebuilding efforts post-Ebola
E. Mulbah; L. Connolly; N. Gcabashe Zond / African Centre for Constructive Resolution of Disputes 2015
Liberia is at a critical juncture in terms of its ability to maintain its hard-won peace and ensure that its reconciliation and sustainable development efforts are not derailed. The West African country, with a population of 3.124 mil...
Mapping tree plantations with multispectral imagery: preliminary results for seven tropical countries
R. Petersen / World Resources Institute, Washington DC 2016
Tree plantations continue to expand worldwide to meet demand for timber, wood fiber, fruits, and vegetable oils such as palm oil. Many countries report national statistics on the area of land in plantations, but the extent and locatio...
Leach post-2015 development and Ebola JID pre-proof.pdf
M. Leach / Journal of International Development 2015
This article argues that the recent Ebola crisis is the result of structural violence, as interlocking institutions have produced interlaced inequalities, unsustainabilities and insecurities. These have underlain the vulnerabilities i...
Shifting security challenges in the China–Africa relationship
R. Anthony; H. Esterhuyse; M. Burgess / South African Institute of International Affairs 2015
China’s involvement in African security has deepened in recent years. This policy insights paper discusses three aspects of the China–Africa security relationship to highlight some of the evolving challenges and the ways i...
Researching the political economy determinants of economic growth: a new conceptual and methodological approach
Effective States and Inclusive Development Research Centre 2014
The large existing literature on the determinants of economic growth has traditionally focused on understanding its proximate determinants, with an increasing interest in the role of institutions. A very recent literature now recognis...
China in Africa: impacts and prospects for accountable development
G. Mohan / Effective States and Inclusive Development Research Centre 2012
China is the major “new” player in Africa and impacts on development and politics in numerous ways. This paper shows that China impacts on African development in multiple ways that go well beyond aid. The paper sets out an...
Building state capacity for inclusive development: the politics of public sector reform
B. Bukenya; P. Yanguas / Effective States and Inclusive Development Research Centre 2013
A capable state is essential for inclusive development, and developing countries are seeking to build it through a multifaceted agenda of public sector reform (PSR). This paper provides an analytically-driven review of PSR as a policy...
Review of Norad´s Assistance to gender mainstreaming in the energy and petroleum sector 2010-2014
E. v d Bergh Collier / Norwegian Agency for Development Cooperation - NORAD 2015
Background A review of Norad’s assistance to gender mainstreaming in the energy and petroleum sector through the framework agreement with ENERGIA was conducted by Norconsult in 2014. The purpose of the Framework Agreement...
Items 1 to 10 of 170

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