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  • Capital: Kuala Lumpur
  • Population: 28274729
  • Size: 329750.0 Km2

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Fostering inclusive growth in Malaysia
S. Nixon; H. Asada; V. Koen / Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development 2017
Malaysia has followed a comparatively equitable development path, largely eliminating absolute poverty and greatly reduced ethnic inequality. Income and wealth inequality have gradually declined since the mid-1970s. With the &...
Local actions: solutions to global challenges - initiatives of indigenous peoples in climate change adaptation and Disaster Risk Reduction based on traditional knowledge
Asia Indigenous Peoples Pact 2016
While governments around the world continue to debate about policies and practices to address climate change solutions, they pay little attention to the situation of indigenous peoples who are among those most affected by clim...
Asia report on climate change and indigenous people
J. Carling; J. Carino; L.N. Sherpa / Asia Indigenous Peoples Pact 2016
The impacts of climate change are severe for at least 260 million indigenous peoples in Asia. The effects of warming temperature, extreme weather events, unpredictable seasons and sea level rise include loss of lives and prope...
Southeast Asia and the economics of global climate stabilization
Asian Development Bank 2016
Southeast Asia is one of the most vulnerable regions of the world to climate change. In the absence of climate action, the region will be increasingly exposed to hotter temperatures, more destructive storms, greater flooding i...
State of competition in the insurance industry: selected Asian countries
M.S. Milo / Philippine Institute for Development Studies 2003
The 1997 Asian financial crisis highlighted the danger of firms’ heavy reliance on bank financing and led to the conclusion that Asian countries should develop capital markets as alternative sources of financing. Given the domin...
Economic transformation programme
Asia-L 2013
Economic Transformation Programme (ETP) was formulated as part of Malaysia's National Transformation Programme. Its goal is to elevate the country to developed-nation status by 2020, targeting GNI per capita of US$15,000. This will be...
A ten-year investigation on ozone and it precursors at Kemaman, Terengganu, Malaysia
M. Ismail / Thai Society of Higher Education Institutes on the Environment 2015
Ten years of continuous monitoring data (2000-2010) from the Air Quality Division, at the Malaysian Department of Environment are used to investigate the relationships between ambient levels of ozone (O3), nitric oxide (NO) and nitrog...
Implementing US GDP in chained prices for cross-country GDP growth and sectoral comparisons: application to selected ASEAN countries
J.C. Dumagan / Philippine Institute for Development Studies 2008
GDP in constant prices of ASEAN countries suffers from substitution bias by ignoring relative price changes and makes GDP growth and shares dependent on the base year. These analytical deficiencies led the US since the mid-1990s to co...
Policy on irregular migrants in Malaysia: an analysis of its implementation and effectiveness
A. Kassim; R.H.M. Zin / Philippine Institute for Development Studies 2011
In the early 1970s, Malaysia began to be inundated by foreign workers, all of whom were irregular migrants. A decade later their uncontrolled entry left several negative consequences especially to the internal and border security of t...
The implementation and impact of national qualifications frameworks: report of a study in 16 countries.
S. Allias / International Labour Organization 2010
This report aimed to produce empirical evidence and analysis of countries’ experiences of introducing qualifications framework as part of a strategy to achieve skills development and employment goals. A qualifications fra...
Items 1 to 10 of 220

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