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Moldova and Children and young people

  • Capital: Chişinău
  • Population: 4324000
  • Size: 33843.0 Km2

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The BLDS children & young people collection
The BLDS children & young people collection
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Examining worldwide practices of youth social entrepreneurship 
S. Maak / Child Rights Information Network 2007
The term “social entrepreneurship” has emerged as a recognisable field in development work with young people. This growing interest began in the 1980s with the emergence of two schools of practice that aimed to invest in y...
Information on young migrants
United Nations Population Fund 2006
Why do young people move? Who are they? This report explores the lives of young migrants from or those whose lives are marked by the experiences of spouses or relatives who have moved abroad. The authors hope that by listen...
Preventing child trafficking in South Eastern Europe
United Nations Children's Fund 2006
The focus of Governments and NGO's in South Eastern Europe in tackling trafficking in women and children is on strengthening law and law enforcement. However, these strategies are shown to have had a limited impact. An assessment of e...
Child poverty status in South-Eastern Europe and the Commonwealth of Independent States (SEE/CIS)
UNICEF Innocenti Research Centre 2006
This study examines child poverty in the 20 countries of South-Eastern Europe and the Commonwealth of Independent States (SEE/CIS). It is designed to stimulate effective policy responses and action in these countries towards the decis...
Poverty and lack of anti-trafficking policy make Moldova the largest supplier of human cargo in Europe
Institute for Public Policy,, Moldova Republic 2004
This paper analyses the problem of child trafficking from Moldova for the purpose of labour or sexual exploitation. According to the authors, the problem is a serious one, with up to 5000 cases of child trafficking each year. The chil...
Building effective youth policy in South Eastern Europe
G. La Cava; P. Lytle; K. Kolev; C. Clert / World Bank 2004
This paper looks at the situation of youth in South Eastern Europe (SEE). It asks the following questions: How are young people at risk? What are the economic and social implications of these risks? How are youth disadvantaged in the ...
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