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  • Capital: Ulan Bator
  • Population: 3086918
  • Size: 1565000.0 Km2

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The BLDS print collection

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Exploring the possibilities and benefits of providing commercial financial services for poor people
Department for International Development, UK 2005
This paper reports on a study documenting the financial experience of a diverse sample of commercial banks that have opted to expand into microfinance as a new line of business. These banks are building on the succes of microfinance i...
Access to education in Mongolia for children
Childhood Poverty Research and Policy Centre 2005
This paper summarises the findings of research on migration and children's access to education in Mongolia. The study examined children and their families in urban areas of high in-migration and rural areas of high out-migration, and ...
Challenging gender equality; the challenges to women and girls empowerment
R. Kahurananga; M. Mafani / World Vision International Resources on Child Rights 2005
This paper presents a collection of eight articles and case studies discussing the challenges, achievements and gaps in the empowerment of women and girls. The articles are written from countries where World Vision works: Kenya, Burun...
Assessing the biodiversity in central Asia and Mongolia
United Nations University 2004
This report focuses on central Asia and Mongolia, both rich in genetic resources and traditional knowledge. The paper highlights the rich biodiversity of the region, the origin of many wild cultivars of domesticated crops of importanc...
Engaging with men is crucial in the fight against HIV/AIDS
International HIV/AIDS Alliance 2003
Across the world, people working on HIV/AIDS now recognise the importance of developing their work with men in order to have a real impact on the epidemic. This has involved identifying what their roles and responsibilities are in dif...
Evaluating donors contribution to tackling child poverty in Mongolia and Kyrgyzstan
R. Marcus; J. Marshall / Childhood Poverty Research and Policy Centre 2003
This report examines how donors approach poverty among children and young people in Kyrgyzstan and Mongolia. Both the scale and nature of childhood poverty, and the significance of aid for poverty reduction in Kyrgyzstan and Mongolia,...
Governments receiving aid need to assert their education priorities with humanitarian relief agencies
M. Sommers / Education Sector, UNESCO 2004
This book explores co-ordination of education delivery in and after emergencies. It discusses the reasons why humanitarian and United Nations agencies frequently fail to coordinate with one another or with the governments of countries...
Project to place gender specialists in ADB missions has achieved beyond expectations
Asian Development Bank Institute 2003
This paper presents the review of an Asian Development Bank (ADB) project to enhance the gender and development (GAD) capacity of agencies responsible for executing Bank activities. The project placed one gender specialist in each of ...
Addressing the impact of macro-economic policies on poverty in the Asia Pacific Region
T. McKinley / United Nations Development Programme 2003
This paper presents some initial findings from the drafts of eight case studies (Bangladesh, Cambodia, China, Indonesia, Mongolia, Nepal, Sri Lanka and Vietnam). The report finds that: there is a high degree of variatio...
Women, science and technology
United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization Jakarta Office 2002
The APGEST scanning project, "Assessment of Resources, Best Practices and Gaps in Gender Science & Technology in the Asia Pacific Region" was conducted in India, Nepal, Indonesia, Vietnam, the Philippines, China, Korea, Mongolia, ...
Items 51 to 60 of 79

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