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New Zealand

New Zealand
  • Capital: Wellington
  • Population: 4252277
  • Size: 268680.0 Km2

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A question of survival: why Australia and New Zealand must heed the Pacific’s calls for stronger action on climate change
Oxfam 2015
International condemnation of Australia and New Zealand's contributions towards tackling global climate change has come amidst strong efforts by Pacific Island leaders and civil society to catalyse international action and cooperation...
The implementation and impact of national qualifications frameworks: report of a study in 16 countries.
S. Allias / International Labour Organization 2010
This report aimed to produce empirical evidence and analysis of countries’ experiences of introducing qualifications framework as part of a strategy to achieve skills development and employment goals. A qualifications fra...
Mitigating droughts and floods in agriculture: policy lessons and approaches
J. Hardelin; J. Anton / Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development 2016
Climate change is recognised as a factor that will increase the frequency and magnitude of extreme weather events, notably of droughts and floods to which the agriculture sector is especially exposed. Agricultural productivity ...
Commodity windfalls, polarization, and net foreign assets: panel data evidence on the voracity effect
R. Arezki; M. Brückner / Economic Research Forum, Egypt 2011
Basic inter-temporal theory of the current account predicts that countries which experience temporary revenue windfalls from international commodity price booms should experience an increase in their net foreign assets. This paper exa...
Assessing the global effect of trade facilitation: evidence from the MIRAGE model
C. Zaki / Economic Research Forum, Egypt 2011
This paper contributes to the empirical literature on trade facilitation by capturing the complexity of the trade facilitation by using ad-valorem equivalents (AVEs) of administrative barriers estimated from a gravity model. Furthermo...
The political economy of public sector employment in resource dependent countries
O. Ali; I. Elbadawi / Economic Research Forum, Egypt 2012
This paper proposes a political economic explanation for the well documented difference in labour market institutions between high natural resource per capita countries and those that are natural resource dependent but whose populatio...
Resource rents, political institutions and economic growth
I. Elbadawi; R. Soto / Economic Research Forum, Egypt 2012
The curse associated with oil and other point-source rents is real, though contemporary literature suggests that it is not inevitable. This paper contributes to the empirical literature on oil and other point-source resource curse, bu...
Regional economic integration, foreign direct investment and efficiency-seeking industrial restructuring in Asia: the case of India
N Kumar / Research and Information System for Developing Countries 2007
Regional economic integration has been a most striking trend of the 1990s led by Single European Market by European Union in 1992 and North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) in 1994. These RTAs pursued a deeper type of integration...
Welfare gains from regional economic integration in Asia: ASEAN+3 or EAS
S.K. Mohanty; S Pohit / Research and Information System for Developing Countries 2007
The experiences of Asian countries suggest that the region has substantial economic potentials and synergies between these countries and they can be better tapped with comprehensive economic cooperation. With this approach formation o...
Integrated national policy approaches to climate-smart agriculture: Insights from Brazil, Ethiopia, and New Zealand
C. Negra / Climate Change Agriculture Food Security 2014
CGIAR Research Program on Climate Change report examining integrated national policies on climate-smart agricultural in Brazil, Ethiopia, and New Zealand. Climate-smart agriculture (CSA) has been promoted in recent years by mul...
Items 1 to 10 of 53

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