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Pakistan and Agriculture and food

  • Capital: Islamabad
  • Population: 184404791
  • Size: 803940.0 Km2

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The BLDS agriculture collection
The BLDS agriculture collection

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Land tenure: issues in housing reconstruction and income poverty case study of earthquake-affected areas in Hazara
K Bengali / Sustainable Development Policy Institute, Pakistan, 2010
There are many commendable successes with respect to relief, recovery, reconstruction and rehabilitation to assist the earthquake affected districts of North West Frontier Province3 and Azad Kashmir. The same, however, cannot be said ...
Water harvesting in mountain areas of Pakistan: issues and options
S.M. Zia; T. Hasnain / Sustainable Development Policy Institute, Pakistan, 2000
Pakistan is situated in the arid and semiarid region of the world between 24°N and 37°N latitude and between 61°E and 77°E longitude. Average annual precipitation ranges from 2000mm in the north to 100mm in the south (...
Gender and land reforms in Pakistan
N. Brohi 2010
Women’s land ownership and control have important connections with their empowerment in Pakistan’s agricultural context. However, the link between these has largely remained unexplored; and there has been negligible resear...
Convergence on Nutrition in Agricultural Systems of Innovation: Concepts and Methods, with Examples from Pakistan
M. Loevinsohn; R. Mehmood / Leveraging Agriculture for Nutrition in South Asia, 2014
The paper first briefly sketches the origins of the system of innovation (SoI) concept and the need it was seen to fulfil in agriculture. It then illustrates the different ways it has been employed as a framework to explain how change...
Invisible helpers - women's views on the contributions of working donkeys, horses and mules to their lives
D. Valette 2014
In 2011 there were an estimated 112 million working equine animals in the world, with 43 million donkeys, 11 million mules, and 58 million horses. The large majority of these animals live in developing countries and provide daily supp...
Analysing the links and disconnects between agriculture and nutrition in Pakistan
H Gazdar; M Balagamwala / Leveraging Agriculture for Nutrition in South Asia, 2013
This paper analyses the pathways and disconnects between agriculture and nutrition in the context of Pakistan, using a framework developed by theTackling the Agriculture-Nutrition Disconnect in India (TANDI) research program...
The Last Straw? The additional burden of climate change on food security in the Himalaya | GRID-Arendal - Publications - The last straw
GRID Arendal, 2013
The food price spikes of 2007–08 brought food security into sharp focus on the global agenda. Declines in international commodity markets, financial speculation in low cereal stocks, dramatic weather events, soaring oil prices, ...
Squeezed: life in a time of food price volatility, year 1 results
N. Hossain; R. King; A. Kelbert / Oxfam, 2013
Half a decade after the price spike of 2007-2008, food price volatility has become the new norm: people have come to expect food prices to rapidly rise and fall, though nobody knows by how much or when. So what does the accumulation o...
Role of Policy and Institutions in Local Adaptation to Climate Change Case studies on responses to too much and too little water in the Hindu Kush Himalayas
N. S. Pradhan / International Centre for Integrated Mountain Development, ICIMOD, 2012
The research question that the study addresses is: How do political processes hinder or promote the adoption of sustainable and equitable adaptation strategies to water-related stress and hazards in the context of climate change in In...
Innovation in dairying and small scale farmers in Pakistan
T. Ali / Regoverning Markets Programme, 2006
This study examines the case of Pakistan’s Haleeb Foods Ltd. (HFL) a milk processing and marketing company that purchases its raw milk from small and medium scale producers. It aims to generate policy-relevant research and to id...
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