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Papua New Guinea

Papua New Guinea
  • Capital: Port Moresby
  • Population: 6064515
  • Size: 462840.0 Km2

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Papua New Guinea case study. Remote yet resilient: strengthening climate change resilience in Papua New Guinea
CARE International 2016
This case study looks at climate resilience work in Papua New Guinea. Nissan Atoll sits solitary in the Pacific Ocean; a remote set of islands forming a ring in the ocean where a volcano once sat. The only way to get there is ...
Time trend of malaria in relation to climate variability in Papua New Guinea
Environmental Health and Toxicology 2016
This study was conducted to describe the regional malaria incidence in relation to the geographic and climatic conditions and describe the effect of altitude on the expansion of malaria over the last decade in Papua New Guinea...
The adapting atolls: final evaluation of the project “Community-based adaptation to climate change (CBA CC)” in Nissan district, Papua New Guinea
CARE International 2016
The project '??Community-based Adaptation to Climate Change in Nissan District (CBA CC)' was launched in mid-2012 to increase the community adaptive capacity and resilience to existing hazards and the impacts of climate change. Three ...
Case study: child centered climate change adaptation (4CA) in the Pacific Islands
S. Cocco-Klein / Equity for Children 2015
The ‘Child-Centered Climate Change Adaptation (4CA)’ Program supported communities in six Pacific Island Countries to adapt to the risks and challenges of climate change. The program’s focus, unique to the r...
Climate change in Coral Triangle of the Pacific Countries: supporting communities to adapt
Asian Development Bank 2016
In 2010, the Asian Development Bank (ADB) launched a regional technical assistance to respond to concerns raised by five Pacific developing member countries that lie within or on the border of the Coral Triangle - ??Fiji, Papua New Gu...
The implications of land issues for climate resilient informal settlements in Fiji and Papua New Guinea
D. Mitchell / Association of Chartered Certified Accountants, UK 2016
This research aims to understand the implications of land issues for the climate resilience of informal settlements in Fiji and Papua New Guinea, both of which have more than 80% customary tenure. Findings from the research are...
Papua New Guinea: disaster management reference handbook 2016
Center of Excellence in Disaster Management and Humanitarian Assistance 2016
This handbook intends to provide decision makers, planners, responders and disaster management practitioners with an overview of the disaster management structure, policies, laws, and plans for Papua New Guinea. It also provide...
Assessing the evidence: Migration, environment and climate change in Papua New Guinea
M.M. Naser / International Organization for Migration 2015
This national assessment brings together existing evidence on the migration, environment and climate change nexus in Papua New Guinea (PNG). The report provides a review of environmental migration materialised in local realitie...
State of the rainforest 2014
E. Hofsvang (ed); F. Seymour / Rainforest Foundation Norway 2014
Destruction of the rainforest and other tropical forests continue on a dramatic scale in spite of unprecedented global attention to the issue of deforestation and the role of forests in mitigating greenhouse gas emissions. The global ...
Climate Change Vulnerability Assessment: Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea
R. Kiele; A. Mageto; G. Numbasa; G. Miria / United Nations Human Settlements Programme 2014
This report assesses the vulnerability to climate change of Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea. It argues that cities must be at the centre of efforts to address the challenge of climate change, both to mitigate its causes and to a...
Items 1 to 10 of 98

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